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This site is dedicated to inspiring others. Either in their daily lives, their activities, goals, dreams; whatever the case may be. Everyone can use inspiration and anyone can give an inspiring word, pic, or even direction. Why not share them here!

As well as inspiration, you can find out more about me as an author, my books, and my projects. Be sure to check out my Patreon page to see more!



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Adventures & Journeys


Stories are all around us, in our every day lives and are a major part of who we are. They tell of memories, tales, adventures and journeys of those who came before and those that are today. Many stories relay lessons, quests, and hardships, but the best stories are the those that bear hardship, obstacles, and show achievement over them.

This Month’s Theme: Summer Activities Your Characters are Enjoying.

For this month’s theme, I thought we could do something a bit different. Instead of writing about what you are doing for the summer, I thought it would be fun to tell what your characters are doing for the summer. Are they traveling? Are they working? Are they taking some much needed time off? What … Continue reading This Month’s Theme: Summer Activities Your Characters are Enjoying.

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Events and Info

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NaNoWriMo Events


National Novel Writing Month has come to an end. Time to pause, reflect, edit and get the novel published. See you again next year!

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Writing Fun Events

Writing Fun

Here is where you can write to just get it out. Each month there will be a topic to write. Join in for fun, fantasy, and fantastic writing!

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Fantasy Place Events

Fantasy Places

Find out more about different fantsy events, parks, and more!

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Giveaway Events


Check out our latest Giveaway!

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Hearing from readers is one of the best parts of my day. Fill out the form below with questions, concerns, or whatever is on your mind! I would love to hear and connect with you!

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