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Your Ideal Workspace…

As I sit here writing this I realize there are some things I would like to change about my workspace here at home. Besides the fact that the weather is not cooperating with my mood as rain continues to pour from the clouds.

But anyway, back to the workspace. I’ve been lucky to be able to confine an entire room for my office, but while sitting here, in my chair on the old wood floor; I know that if I move a little I could roll across the floor. Not that the floor is slick, it’s slanting… Guess that will have to be fix when we redo this room.

Since we purchased an older home we have nice big windows, but the previous owners painted most of them shut! You can imagine my soul banging at the windows dreaming of the fresh air that could be filtering through if I could open the two windows in this room. We have a total of 8 of 22 windows that open and only three have screens. Another fix for the home and office.


Although, I do have a large L-shaped desk, which I love because it gives me plenty of room to work it sill tends to collect my children’s things. How that happens when it is a completely separate room still boggles my mind. The walls are painted wood grain panels and trust me they are terrible. Oh, and half painted a second color as if the previous owner decided to repaint and changed his mind. Purple, there is purple everywhere! All of the vents, some of the trim and doors have purple on them. Now, I like purple as much as the next person, but I would not be painting trim, doors or vents that color.

I do own a pretty large all-in-one printer which seems out of place since the room only has one outlet. Thank goodness we have wireless internet or this would become a nightmare. I do have a closet, but there are no shelves, hook or even a bar to hang things, so I put a bookshelf in there along with other items such as our Christmas items, sport equipment, another filing cabinet that holds extra files that are not always immediately important.

Now I’ve actually researched workspaces and although they talk about choosing the right colors, the right lighting, the right furniture, etc., which seems like a lot. The notes I made would cause this post to continue way to long and I’m just not into all the details of the ideal workspace to create a series.

I just want to tell what my ideal workspace would look like and hear what yours would look like. So, please tell me in the comments!!

If I had to choose a color I think I would choose a light green or blue.  I love green and a lighter color should be calming, right? Though I would have to get rid of this paneling first. Boy, I do hate paneling. Next is the lighting, we need to fix the overhead light, (that went out a few years after moving in.) The lamp I have suffices for now and I’m not sure what I would replace it with.

I know some may not like this choice, but I would definitely put carpet in here. The old wood floors are worn and need redoing anyway. Besides, this room tends to get really cold even on these summer days with the cooler temperature. I don’t like to wear socks if I don’t have to, but I am wearing them and slippers. Our floors are cold.

Windows! What I would give for windows that open!! I love to feel the breeze coming in through an open window. That is going to be a requirement when we are able to redo this room!

I would like more storage space… bookshelves and filing cabinets. I feel like I’m trying to shove a lot in a small space and although I can do it, I feel like its one of those cartoon closets waiting to burst! A closet that is only used for office items.

I would love to have a couch and coffee table in the extra space in here. Somewhere where I can still work in my office, but relax and work on my Ipad or go through marketing ideas with my husband. My desk in is the corner and going through things with him is a bit difficult when my back is constantly toward him. I would like a space where I can still be in my office, but conference with him on other aspects of the business.

Hmm, anything else? Not sure, I bet I will think of something after posting this, but will add it to the list.

Now it is your turn: Tell me what your ideal workspace would look like. Maybe an aspect of your ideal workspace will inspire another. 



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