Writing Fun!

Writing Fun!

Welcome to some writing fun! Here you can check out the new writing theme and just write. This is to help others flesh out areas of their stories and give others inspiration in the process. Each month there will be a new theme to write about and I will also be providing my own pieces to the mix. Please be respectful and do not steal others work. They have worked hard and so have you. You wouldn’t want someone to take your hard work. Use it as inspiration for a new idea, comment on their work, tell them how much you loved it! This is a place of encouragement, writing, and fun!


This Month’s Writing Theme: Advice

There are times in your life when you feel you need to speak with someone, anyone on any particular topic. That you need information, materials, whatever the case may be. That’s where the advice of others can come in very handy, especially if that advice is coming from someone who’s been through the same obstacles, has had the same issues you’re having.

What is one of the best pieces of advice you’ve gotten lately?

Example: I have been writing for a few years now and trying to do EVERYTHING myself. I spoke with an author I felt was successful in the same genre and even though their advice was what you read about, sometimes you just need to be told by someone before it really sinks. She told me to hire a cover artist, get an editor to clean up my manuscript, and find betas. Though I haven’t gotten an editor yet and I’ve put my covers on hold, I have gotten a few betas to read my book. It didn’t go so well and I realize there is a lot of work that needs to get fixed, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take their advice.  


August’s Writing Theme: Multi-tasking

Everyone tries to multitask, but there are times when you should concentrate on one thing at a time.
What types of things do you multitask? How many windows on your computer do you have open on average at one time?
Are you really getting more done or should you be focusing on one thing than another?

Example: I do try to multitask, but I find focusing on one thing at a time more productive.
I always try to multitask anything I have going on my computer, posts, pattern, research, etc.
I should plan things out as I have started doing, I get more done that way and I’ve been trying batch writing posts which is helping me to get things done ahead wen I need too.
As of right now I have five tabs open, which is about my average at one time.


July’s Writing Theme: Heroes

This month’s theme is about all about Heroes!

What do you think are the best qualities of a hero and who is a hero in your life? Who is your favorite fiction hero and why?


Example: I feel the best qualities of a hero are their determination, perseverance, and courage in the face of diversity. Who is a hero in my life? Well, there are many. I see heroes every day, but if I had to choose just one, I would say my dad. If you’ve been reading my blog, I’ve mentioned all that he’s gone through and and all he’s overcome. He just learned that he’s going blind on top of all that he’s overcome recently and I know he will do so again with this. He is my hero. 

My favorite fictional Hero, well, that would be a tie between Hiccup and Hero. I Love HTTYD and Big Hero 6, these two main characters are, well, human. They have regular lives, while still doing extraordinary things and they struggle as we do with death, dating, and more. 

So, what are your thoughts? Let me know who your hero is in real life and fiction!


June’s Writing Theme: Fun

This month’s theme is about all about fun and who doesn’t like fun!

So what things do you have planned for the summer? What does your family like to do for fun?


Example: Our family takes time during the spring to create a checklist of all the things we would like to do durning the summer and my kids are great with coming up with things. Each year there are new items on the list and some classic things like going to the ice cream shop and having rootbeer floats. 

This year my son wants to visit the Domes. He loves plants and I mentioned I went as a kid, so he put it on our list. When we do the activities they get checked off and we see how many awesome things we did as a family at the end of the summer!

What types of things would be on your list if you made one?


May’s Writing Theme: Communication

This month’s theme is about communication; business communication and story communication. There are many types of communication out there and some can cause more problems than others.

What types of communication are you using within your business and your stories? Print, Texts, Verbal, Face to face, etc. What troubles are you having with them and have you thought or have you fixed those problems so things run as smooth as possible.


Example: I have been using Trello to keep myself organized even with my contacts, but I do tend to use messenger as it is one of the most perferred methods of communication by those I contact. 

What communication avenues are you using and are you having any issues with them? What are you doing to try to fix the problem?


Aprils’s Writing Theme: Novel Organization

The reason for taking my break last month was due to some distressing feedback of my first novel and to be honest, my heart couldn’t take it. That doesn’t mean that I’ll be quitting, oh, far from it. I’ve been looking up more on writing than I did when I started and I realized that perhaps if I could get my notes and data for my novels organized, I wouldn’t forget that some events happened or that one of the men I have changed from Nix to Drant.

Yeah, it happens to us all. So here’s your chance to help others that are struggling with their writing and provide some much needed advice.

Book Organization

Example: For this one, I don’t have an exact system, but I am toying with Trello to get my books organized and I’ve thought about using an actual binder for my series. We shall see what works better. 

What are you using to keep your notes/thoughts/stories organized? I would love to know as I know others would as well!

March’s Writing Theme: Breaks

Though we’re only three months into the year, it’s the time we all take a break, relax, and have a bit of fun. For some of you Spring Break it coming up and you’re readying yourself for a much needed R&R. 

So, for this month we are going to talk about what we are doing for Spring Break. Are you going somewhere? Going with someone? Having a staycation? Are you getting more hours in at work? Or working on a project for school?  What are you doing for spring break? 


Example: As much as I would love to travel for spring break, to a place nice and sunny, we are not. We’ve decided to spend some time with family and visit my sister and her kids. Hopefully, if we are lucky, we can take advantage of her pool. If not, then there’s always games and movies. What’s better than relaxing and hanging out, laughing and hanging fun? 


February’s Writing Theme: Love

So, yep, we’re going to go there. For this month, because it’s the month where most are struck by cupid and are focused on their loves. We are doing the same here. For this, month’s writing theme, tell me why you love someone in your life right now.

I chose that because there are a lot of us out there that don’t have someone for Valentine’s Day and if any of you are like me, you don’t celebrate it. My husband and I decided early in our relationship not to celebrate Valentine’s day because we celebrated our dating anniversary which was a week away. We didn’t see a reason to celebrate our love twice.

So, for this month, give me what makes you love your significant other, your parents, siblings, or even your pet.


Example: I love my husband because though he works, he finds time to spend with me and our two children. When we are struggling, he’ll do whatever is necessary to make things right even if that means finding a second job, working extra hours, or whatever. One of the things I love about him is he’ll still find the time to surprise me with the little things. I love, love, love hot chocolate and he’ll go to my favorite gas station to get it for me no matter how cold it is. 


January’s Writing Theme: New Year, New Plans

It’s a new year and like most you may be making plans for the year or the next few weeks or months. Let’s make 2019 great and hold each other accountable. List something you are trying to accomplish this year below so we can encourage you on your journey!

Example: Some of the things I have planned for this year are… to relaunch my paranormal romance series. (All seven books are written) I also have some fun and creative things planned that I will keep as a surprise. I’m already working on one and you’re going to love it!! 

So what is one thing you have planned for 2019?

December 2018’s Writing Theme: Lesson you learned…

It’s the last month of the year and we are heading into a  new year. So for this month’s writing; tell me about something you learned that changed the way you think about writing.


Example: This may sound silly, but I did realize how connections with others would streamline your writing. 

I’ve met some wonderful writers and authors that have helped me in ways no one else could. I needed someone who’s been in my position to give me advice and they are so cool about answering my questions and giving advice. 

If you’re in the same position, find a group of authors who will give you advice, encourage you and allow you to read there awesome fiction! 😉 Nothing better than learning from those who are successful. 

November’s Writing Theme: Tradition

Traditions are what bring us together and keep us together, especially during the holiday season. Many have traditions they love to share with others, while some have traditions that are passed down from generation to generation.

This month’s writing theme is Tradition. What are yours? Do you like them or loathe them? Is there a tradition you know of that you would like to adopt?

Copy of NaNoWriMo

Example: As an example I’ll tell you about a tradition we have in our family that started the Christmas of 1998. 

Due to one of my sister’s indecisiveness, our father thought it would be funny to play a prank on her for Christmas that year. He got a large box, wrapped it and had everyone shake it to guess what was inside. To me it felt like bouncy balls, but that would be a silly gift for her. 

What was inside… well I won’t tell you, but we have been passing it around ever sense. Each year my sisters and I will gift it to another sister and disguise it within the gift like my dad did. 

It’s become a tradition in our family to pass this thing around each year and come up with different ways to disguise it. 

If I’ve caught your interest and you’re just dying to know what things we’ve done and what it is. Visit my Patreon Page



October’s Writing Theme: NaNoWriMo!

It’s getting to be that time of year again! That time when aspiring and published authors alike bunker down to hammer out another novel in 30 days. Drinking caffeinated beverages and staring at a screen for hours and days on end, typing until their fingers get tired. Yep, you guessed it!

NaNoWriMo is back and authors all over are preparing to sit and write that first, fourth, or eighteenth novel and I say “Way to go! I will be right there with you!”


Though we may not write for the same genre or be in the same state, you know there are others like you trying to get that piece they’ve been thinking about for weeks, months or even years finally down on computerized paper. (Or notebook paper and then the computer) No matter the process, your endeavors are inspired by others who came before along with those joining for the first time.

So this month’s theme is all about NaNoWriMo! Are you going to join the thousands of writers readying to type their hearts out starting November 1st? Do you have a plan for a story you want to write? Are you preparing for when you’ll be at the computer for long hours, stocking up on your favorite snacks and drinks. (Man, I wish I had a mini fridge in my office for this purpose. 😉 ) What type of story do you plan to write?

Example: Although I haven’t planned hardly at all for this years NaNoWriMo, I do have an idea of what I would like to accomplish. As you may know, I’ve been working on my Conquer the Darkness Series which follows the struggles of seven women who’ve experienced some really terrible things and how they not only meet each other, work together and overcome their past in the present, but they find friends, happiness in the darkest of times, and love. 

Anyway, there is a couple in that series you know are together and there are hints to their story along the way, and I’ve been thinking of writing it for a while. So for NaNoWriMo this year, I’ll be writing Andrew and Laurie’s story!  

If you haven’t started the series and I’ve caught your interest, visit my website to download book 1 and the prequel for free! 

Update: Ive decided to start a whole new series and put that one on hold as I feel I’ve been looking at it so long, I need a break. I’ll get to Andrew and Laurie’s story, don’t you worry.

What do you do plan to do for NaNoWriMo? What genre are you writing in? Come be my Buddy on NaNoWriMo and let’s write together! (Just visit my profile – KellyJeanTaylor – and click ‘add as buddy”!  I’d love to hear about it. Comment below!


September’s Writing Theme: Favorite Character, Power, Creature, Etc.

Most of us have favorites: Our favorite food, our favorite drink, favorite candy, movie, song, etc. This month’s theme is to write about your favorite. Your favorite character, your favorite power they have, your favorite creature, or anything of that nature. Read my example below and comment!!
Favorite fantasy items

Example: This one is actually really hard for me because I don’t have favorites. If you ever asked me my favorite thing, I would tell you I don’t have one. My daughter asks me that all the time. “Mom, what’s your favorite movie.” I’ll say ‘Dragons’ just so she’ll have something. My kids know I LOVE “How to Train Your Dragon”, but then I think about it and I also love LOTR, The Hobbit, Big Hero 6 and I just couldn’t choose one. 

I love the fantasy from LOTR and The Hobbit, the characters and what they bring to the group as a whole, the fight to keep going when all seems lost. It’s inspiring. Big Hero 6… I was so emotional during this one and the fact that Hero comes out to find a way to keep his brother’s memory alive while not only catching the man responsible, but also saving a life in the process is a fantastic story. Dragons, I absolutely love the diversity of the characters personalities. Not to mention that there’s dragons!! 

So, what is your favorite character, power, creature, etc and why?  I’d love to hear about it. Comment below!

August’s Writing Theme: Writing Process

The writing process of an author/writer differs from person to person. Some will plan, outline, plot, and develop their novels down to the last quirk, research piece, aim, goal, setting detail, motivation, conflicting action, etc. Files, folder, documents, mind maps, aesthetic board, Pinterest board, Social Media polls all in place and filled with information for their novels, while others fly by the seat of their pants. Those are the ones who don’t plan, don’t map; they sit down and start writing. Then there is revising, editing, and publishing to worry about.

This month is all about your writing process and sharing what you do with others who are endeavoring to write, but have no idea where to start. Share yours below.
Writing Process

Example: When I first began writing, I would outline my story and then start writing. After taking a course by Nick Stephenson called Story Engines. I’ve found that fleshing out story details have helped me immensely with my writing and my storylines. He and fellow author Joe Nassise take you through their process on creating phases, answering questions,  scene list, and so much more. 

I’ve tweaked it to suit me and I’ve haven’t looked back. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it. They also have a program called Your First 10K Readers that takes you through getting your first 10,000 readers. Although, I haven’t implemented all of there methods, it may be very helpful to you. 

Here is the basic categories for my process: 

  • Premise Worksheet
  • Final Premise
  • Initial Scene List
  • Single Sentence Summary
  • Scene Questions
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Rough Story Arc
    • Preparation Phase
    • Mini Goal
    • Reactive Phase
    • Mini Goal
    • Proactive Phase
    • Mini Goal
    • Conclusion Phase
  • Synopsis
  • Product Description

I also have a very detailed worksheet I use to flesh out my characters that is three pages long. 

Now, even though I do this, my characters ~ like small children aways seen to veer from the path I choose for them. So, yes there are some things that aren’t in the finished product that are in my plans, but that’s the way writing it. 

Just for fun, let’s add in what changed throughout your story as you wrote it.

Example: I had one of my characters change occupations a quarter of the way through, not like she quit and changed, but out of the blue, one minute she’s a secretary and another she’s a nurse. I’ve also had new characters join the story when I had no intension for another character to enter the book at all. 

What does your writing process look like? What changed throughout your story that wasn’t intended? I’d love to hear about it. Comment below!



July’s Writing Theme: How do you stay motivated?

If you are like me at all right now, you’ve been struggling to write just a few words. Life gets in the way, things happen, but when you are ready to get back to it; the words just won’t come. So, for this month’s theme we are writing on how we stay motivated. It doesn’t have to be just about writing… How do you stay motivated to exercise, to get that project done, to do anything! Visit my example below and comment!!
Stay Motivated

Example: The past few months have been a real struggle for me and I alway seem to come back to the same thing to get me motivated to write again. A group called WordNerds!  They are an energetic, quirky group of women who love writing and offering help with questions. During NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNoWriMo they have virtual write-ins which you can revisit any time on youtube or their site. They answer any writing or book related questions in-between sprints and I am always able to get words down even if its a replay of the write-in. 

Though I am trying something new along with their write-ins. They recommended a site called 4thewords.com which is an online fantasy game where you go on quests, defeat monsters and collect rare items all by writing your novel, short story, etc. I am having a blast with this so far. Check it out at the link above. 

What do you do to stay motivated or to get back into writing after a long break? I’d love to hear about it. Comment below!


June’s Writing Theme: Summer Activities Your Characters are Enjoying…

For this month’s theme, I thought we could do something a bit different. Instead of writing about what you are doing for the summer, I thought it would be fun to tell what your characters are doing for the summer. Are they traveling? Are they working? Are they taking some much needed time off? What will they be doing the hot days of summer? Give your character’s story below!

Summer Activities for Characters

Example: The characters of Conquer the Darkness are all enjoying some much needed time away from the group and with their mates in different destinations. Raylynn, Jynx and their son Jordan have gone to the mountains of Colorado to frolic in the woods. Blessing and Knight have returned to their home town to check up on his law firm and her bookstore. Jazzmine and Brady, well, are still getting used to being together so they have decided to stay at the West Branch and make sure things are continuing as they should. Cloe and William have decided to go south and visit the sandy beaches of Florida while the triplets continue to search for answers between playing video games. Much to Noreline’s dismay. 

So what are you characters doing this summer? I’d love to hear about it. Comment below!

May’s Writing Theme: Where is Your Progress at?

Since we are one quarter into the year, I thought we could write about (and analyze) where we are, where we are going, and what we have done to get us to this point. So for this month we are writing our progress on whatever you have going on right now. Writing related or not. We are here to support you!

Where is

Example: For my example this month I will refer you to my blog as I have already given my progress for the quarter there. My Progress So Far… Check it out to see where I am and where I plan to go to reach my goals.

April’s Writing Theme: Favorite Spring Activities

Since spring is here I thought we should write about our favorite spring activity! What is your favorite? Is it a family activity? A solitary activity? A traditional activity? Tell about your favorite activity. Below is mine!


My Example: Every year during late spring/early summer our family will sit down and create a list of all the things we want to do during the warmer months. Creating this checklist of items we want to do is a wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing for places and activities. As a writer, it provides more experiences to gain material for stories and create memories at the same time. It is something we love doing and my kids love checking off the things we get down each season.

March’s Writing Theme: Lucky

March is the month of leprechauns, gold chocolate coins and luck. So this month we will be writing about how you or one of your characters has been lucky. Is it shear dumb luck or defeating something by the skin of their teeth? What event were you lucky at? (Please no gambling references, we want actual events.) Have fun and get lucky!



 February’s Writing Theme: A Love Story

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s dive in and write a love story! Write how you met your significant other, or how you dream of meeting them. You could also write a romantic scene with a couple. It could be a romantic date or just one doing something sweet for someone else.  What is your idea of a romantic day with your love? Have fun and make it elaborate! I can’t wait to hear about it!!

Write A Love Story

 January’s (2018) Writing Theme: One Power You Wish You Had

Your characters may have powers, so this month’s theme is… If you could have one power, what power would you have and why? Would you want the ability to fly, invisibility, the ability to read minds, or something a bit different like the ability to call shadow or light? Give us your thoughts and tell us one power you wish you had!

Your Desired Power

December’s (2017) Writing Theme: Your Character’s Goals!

December is the time of hear we are celebrating with family and friends, but the end is when we are thinking of the next year and the goals/resolutions we want to accomplish during that time. For this months theme, we are going to write about our characters and what their goals are throughout their journey. So, what goals are your character’s trying to accomplish throughout the journey you have created for them?

Writing Your Character's Goals


November’s Writing Theme: Traditions You Love

November is the beginning of the Christmas/Holiday season. Everyone is getting ready for the holidays, trying to stay warm and giving thanks. This month I thought we might write about traditions. What traditions do you have? Have you had to combine traditions when entering into a new relationship? What do you love about your traditions?

Writing Traditions You Love

Here is mine: Every year on Thanksgiving after everyone had eaten their fill, we sit in our living room, put on Christmas music, drink hot chocolate (coca-cola from glass bottles – that’s my husband’s tradition) and put up our tree. Thanksgiving morning (and Christmas morning) I make banana bread and pumpkin bread for breakfast and we have family over. If we know we won’t see them we will exchange gifts then, otherwise we will wait until everyone is together again for Christmas.

Christmas is another story… We have four Christmas celebrations to attend every year due to the combined families. We have one with my parents on Christmas Eve, one with my husband’s family on Christmas day, One with all of my sisters on whichever day we can plan all of us to meet and another for my extended family. Do you have multiple Christmas/Holiday celebrations? How many do you have?

Even though the season seems like a big jumble of activity, we love nearly every bit of it. Seeing our families and the joy of being together warms our hearts. Tell me about your traditions, I would love to hear about them!

October’s Writing Theme: Your Favorite Scary Story

In lue of Halloween, I’ve decided to get into the spirit and see what scary stories you enjoy around this time. I personally don’t favor the frightening and things that go bump in the night, but I’m interested in stories and you never know what will inspire… So for this month’s writing fun: give your favorite scary story. Title and short description!

Writing Your Favorite Scary Story

September’s Writing Theme: Inspiration, What Is/Are Yours?

Really, this month’s theme is… what inspires you? In any aspect of our lives, there are things all around us that inspire us to accomplish our goals and to keep moving forward with our dreams. What is/are yours?

Writing Inspiration

August’s Writing Theme: Interview One of Your Characters!

Give us your characters description. Their likes and dislikes. What do they do in their free time? What do their daily lives look like? Interview one of your characters and share it here for this month’s theme!

Writing an Interview of Your Character

If you would like to view some of my character interviews, click HERE! Plus get the FREE download for my book Raylynn the first book in my Conquer E.S. Series!

July’s Writing Theme: Create conflict for you character and what they will try as solutions

In a story that I am revising and editing right now, my main character is told she will loose all memory of her mate and vice versa. Since she is a private investigator they also give her the task of finding a missing child. Her goal to reunite with her mate and find the missing child.

Some things that she tries are performing the bond with her mate. When the bond takes hold she will know she has a mate to find. Searching for clues (since she is given a case file) to the missing child may possibly lead to her unknown mate.

Another conflict: Everyone around her will forget her relationship with her mate so they will be of no help to her. With limited time lift before losing their memories her and her father work to find a way to let her know to find her mate after the bond had taken place. The only thing is branding her own skin with a few words.

Write and Describe Character Conflict

So, what conflicts can you create for you character and what are some of the solutions they try to overcome the conflicts?

June’s Writing Theme: Describe your favorite setting

Is your favorite setting from a book you’ve read or is it a place you’ve visited or would like to visit? What is special about it that caused you to favor it as you do? Is it a place you hope to visit someday or have visited? One of my favorite settings are the ones shown in LOTR. I love rolling hills, prairies, and space to roam. I have yet to visit, but it is definitely on my list! So, what is your favorite setting? Why is it your favorite setting? Go on… Let us know! We may add it to our list of places to visit or use our imagination to envision such a place!

 Describe your favorite setting and why!

May’s Writing Theme: What characteristics of your life/you have you included into one of your stories?

What habits, likes, dislikes, personality traits, etc have you strategically placed in one of your novels, short stories, etc? Me, personally, I have created a character with red hair, who loves hot chocolate (or dark chocolate in general) and has some of my habits such as stretching my fingers and the ability to move my ears and my nose. How about you? What characteristics do your characters share with you?

Writing About Shared Characteristics

April’s Writing Theme: Funny Scene

In conjunction with April Fools Day, I have decided to make this month’s theme pertain to a scene from a book, movie or life that you felt was the funniest you ever read or witnessed. Get ready for some laughs!

Hahaha, That was so funny!

March’s Writing Theme: Letter From You to Your Readers

This month’s topic is: Write a letter to a specific reader or all your readers in general. What would you include in that letter. Would you say a personal ‘Thank You’, include your other products/books, ask for suggestions, or just praise them for being an awesome reader?

Writing a Special Note

February’s Writing Theme: Best free ways to say ‘Thanks’.

As a writer, I look for ways to say “Thank You” to all my readers. Comment below to give ways you say thank you to your readers. I will post things that I come up with, feel free to share with others. Let’s build an arsenal of Thank You’s to show we appreciate our readers!

Writing to say Thank You

If you are a reader: what things would you like to see as a ‘Thank you’? Please be sensible and don’t go overboard with ideas. Thank you. 🙂 Have Fun!

January’s Writing Theme: Character description.

Choose a character or use the picture below for inspiration and write about them. Their description, hobbies, jobs, likes, dislikes, family, friends, favorites, habits, backstory, and whatever else comes to your mind. Use this as a way to flesh out your current character, new character or one that you have been thinking about for some time. Let the words flow!

Writing Prompt with Picture

Picture done by Mystic Moon Media, LLC artist Cherie Gerhardt who does amazing work! Visit her at www.mysticmoonmedia.com 

Let your fingers fly and tell what you would include!











  • Kelly Jean Taylor

    Character Description

    Aphelia watched her sister through half closed lids. She knew her sister had been rising early to help her with her chores since she twisted her ankle three days ago. After, she would leave for most of the morning to train and hunt, providing for not only the two of them, but all of the folks that lived in their small village who were to old to hunt for themselves.
    Laying there, Aphelia thought of her sister. She envied her strength and determination often opting to complain and whine about her troubles while Talianna forged ahead with her duties without a word.
    The early morning light filtering through the only window caught the doe colored highlights in her sister’s long hair. She turned to take one last glance at her sleeping sister before leaving. Aphelia could barely make out the earthy tone of her sister’s eyes. She had never noticed the lines on her face before. Lines put there by all the pressure on her shoulders. The usual smile hiding the uncertainty of tomorrow, of what will become of them without their parents.
    Just as Talianna was about to leave, Aphelia jumped out of bed, limping to her sister’s side and hugged her tight. “I am so sorry.”
    “Aphelia, what on earth?” She grasped her sister in a hug not even realizing she was shifting to relieve the pressure on her sister’s hurt ankle.
    “You do so much and all I ever do is complain. I’m sorry.”
    “Aphelia,” crouching down to look her sister in the eyes, “everyone is allowed to complain once in a while. Even me, I just complain to the trees. They listen better.” She winked at her sister as she scooped her up and headed back to her little bed. “Get some more rest and we will do something fun when I get home. Ok? Maybe we can go visit Magnus.”
    “Really, you think he will be up for see us?”
    “He’s a bear and a very good friend. I think he would love to see you!”
    Her sister was often to tired to do much after returning home, her even mentioning that she would do something else after all her work created resolve in Aphelia’s bones to be more like her sister starting right now!

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