Works In Progress

Works In Progress

This is where I will post my Works In Progress and the deadlines I have for finishing them. Feel free to ask questions, comment, or plead to have them done. There is no greater motivation then when someone is excited for the next book or project! Enjoy!


Conquer the Darkness Series 

Book 4

Thrust into the limelight, Cloe has found a place for herself among her adoring fans and the public eye. Determined to keep her life on the big screen continuing with vigor and her secret… well… secret. Everything gets turned upside down when a group enter her life insisting they are there to help her. Will she accept the man there to save her or will she loose everything? Find out in Book 4!

This story is Coming Soon!

(Cover still in works)

Fight of The Heart

Julianna is brought to the attention of he mother’s people. She is best known for her profession, but her mother’s people know her as the half-breed. Unfortunately, they know need her skills to find one of their own. Unfortunately, the council leader is not welcoming of her help and creates trouble as soon as she leaves their realm. Will she be able to find the one who ran? Will she survive? What else will she have to endure to complete her mission?

This story is in the editing stages and will be published in 2018.

(Title Still in the works)