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Where Am I Headed?

With June beginning, it’s time to begin contemplating of my next project. My series is underway with the second book coming out at the end of this month along with a stand alone novel. So what is next for me? Where do I go now?

Well, continue my series of course! The next in this 7-8 book series (who knows there could be more) is the story of Jazzmine. One of the additional five women held captive by Dr. Simonson alongside Blessing. So where is she? What type of affect did his experiments have on her? How is she dealing with her return to society? Well, you will have to wait and read her story. 🙂

I can however give you a glimpse of her background:

Jazzmine grew up with three sisters and two brothers who always told each other everything. They made a pact to always be there for each other in whatever life threw at them. But with Jazzmine’s rescue, her family shunned her as a freak and abomination, not able to understand or deal with what she was becoming. They no longer welcomed her into their homes or their lives. She is now in hiding and refuses to show herself to anyone, keeping to the shadows and taking what she needs from unsuspecting passersby. Without the connection of her once tight knit family, she knows not how to handle what is happening to her inside, out, or her exile.

Want to read more? Good!

Keep an eye out for Jaxmine due at the end of September! For now you can catch Raylynn’s Story (Book 1) free on most retailers and Blessing due to publication on June 30th!

There is not greater journey than the imagination of an author creates for their readers. Have fun reading the Conquer the Darkness Series and let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you!

My journey has led me to this moment, this time and this adventure. I forge forward to provide great stories and helpful information to those who were once in my position. Searching and yearning for something more. To those searching, keep to your journey. You’ll reach your destination. Enjoy the adventure, learn from the obsticles, and stive for your dreams.

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