February’s Writing Theme: Love

So, yep, we’re going to go there. For this month, because it’s the month where most are struck by cupid and are focused on their loves. We are doing the same here. For this, month’s writing theme, tell me why you love someone in your life right now.

I chose that because there are a lot of us out there that don’t have someone for Valentine’s Day and if any of you are like me, you don’t celebrate it. My husband and I decided early in our relationship not to celebrate Valentine’s day because we celebrated our dating anniversary which was a week away. We didn’t see a reason to celebrate our love twice.

So, for this month, give me what makes you love your significant other, your parents, siblings, or even your pet.


Example: I love my husband because though he works, he finds time to spend with me and our two children. When we are struggling, he’ll do whatever is necessary to make things right even if that means finding a second job, working extra hours, or whatever. One of the things I love about him is he’ll still find the time to surprise me with the little things. I love, love, love hot chocolate and he’ll go to my favorite gas station to get it for me no matter how cold it is. 

My journey has led me to this moment, this time and this adventure. I forge forward to provide great stories and helpful information to those who were once in my position. Searching and yearning for something more. To those searching, keep to your journey. You’ll reach your destination. Enjoy the adventure, learn from the obsticles, and stive for your dreams.

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