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July’s Writing Theme: Heroes

This month’s theme is about all about Heroes!

What do you think are the best qualities of a hero and who is a hero in your life? Who is your favorite fiction hero and why?


Example: I feel the best qualities of a hero are their determination, perseverance, and courage in the face of diversity. Who is a hero in my life? Well, there are many. I see heroes every day, but if I had to choose just one, I would say my dad. If you’ve been reading my blog, I’ve mentioned all that he’s gone through and and all he’s overcome. He just learned that he’s going blind on top of all that he’s overcome recently and I know he will do so again with this. He is my hero. 

My favorite fictional Hero, well, that would be a tie between Hiccup and Hero. I Love HTTYD and Big Hero 6, these two main characters are, well, human. They have regular lives, while still doing extraordinary things and they struggle as we do with death, dating, and more. 

So, what are your thoughts? Let me know who your hero is in real life and fiction!



My journey has led me to this moment, this time and this adventure. I forge forward to provide great stories and helpful information to those who were once in my position. Searching and yearning for something more. To those searching, keep to your journey. You’ll reach your destination. Enjoy the adventure, learn from the obsticles, and stive for your dreams.

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