Progress Update

As I like to do every quarter, I like to tell you how I’ve been progressing with each of the things I had planned to get done this year. It keeps me focused and provide me with accountability when I’ve got others who are seeing what I’m doing and how I’m progressing through each item. How are you doing so far this year? I’d love to hear how you’re progressing on your goals.

Let’s get to it…



I’ve had betas go through my first story and let me tell you, I was not expecting the responses that I got. It’s hard to see, but a necessary evil. I can tell you I felt so deflated by what I saw that I haven’t written a word since. I made it though a few chapters, but knowing that my story had so much that needed fixing created this deep whole in me that I decided to take a break from editing to clear my head. Yes, it’s part of the process and yes, I realize that they are going to see things that, no matter how many times I read through the thing, I will keep skipping over because I know my story. There have actually been a few who stopped reading it because of how much work it needed.

I’ve run it through an editing software and re-read it several times. I feel like there was some sort of mistake and they received an earlier copy of my manuscript, but I can’t seem to find my most recent one. As I read through, I know I changed a few things that are still in the copy I’ve sent out. I know now that this is going to take me longer than I intended since I now have to go though my manuscript once again, but I will not give up. I’m too invested in these characters to see them set aside. You have know idea what they’ve put me through! It may take me longer, and I may be taking a break, but I will get back into it and they will be re-launched.


Stand Alone/Possible Series

With my stand alone and next possible series, you’ve probably guessed they are put on hold until I can get my head on straight and get through the edits for Raylynn’s story. I’ve completed both the stand alone and the possible book 1 of another series, but have put them aside for now to focus on getting my head through edits for my conquer series. Those of you who can write and produce these things within a few months, I commend you! How you do it, I have no idea, but I hope to get my series back up and out relatively soon after coming back into editing.

To Be Read

I guess my down time had caused me to not read either. I’ve recently gotten back into my reading list and I feel good about that. Besides, how are you going to find inspiration without reading and learning from those before you? Right?

Short Stories

As with everything else, this came to a screeching halt as well. Though I have plenty of material in mind to use for this. I just couldn’t get into writing these past few weeks in order to get anything remotely close to a story down. It’s still there, still in the plans and I hope to get back on track as the warmer weather revives my frozen limbs. Yes, I hate the cold and are more productive when the sun is shining and the weather is warm.

Beta Readers/Arc readers

You have no idea how grateful I am for those of the readers that made it all the way or even part of the way through my story. I realize now just how hard it was to get through and I also understand why those of you who didn’t finish. I will be doing some major work on this series and hope I’ll be able to get a few others to read through it once I’ve fixed all the mistakes I’ve made.



You guessed it. I haven’t even looked for an editor since receiving my manuscript back from betas. It’s not even remotely close to being ready for an editor to look at. Until it’s ready, I’ll be putting this on hold as well. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and re-evaluate things to be sure you’re producing a valuable product for your readers.




Here is one area I’ve kept up with and I’m moving forward on. Every week I’ve produced a post for your reading pleasure on inspiration and writing. I’ll continue to do so as the weeks go by.

Have a word or writing topic you would like me to write about? Go ahead and leave me a comment and I’ll add it to my list! Tell me what you would like to see here!



I am still posting daily to my social media and I’ve gained some momentum here. I still have plans to provide more so if you have any questions, things you’d like to see, or whatever else comes to mind, let me know and maybe I’ll post something. If you would like to see what I’m up to, go ahead and visit my sites! Facebook Twitter Instagram Patreon

I love connecting with others so let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll do what I can get you a peak into my life as a writer!


New Products

As I mentioned in my plans, I’ve been thinking of expanding my business to more than just novels. I would like to provide items that would be fun and helpful for writers and readers alike.

I have some digital products in mind as well as physical products. I’ve got some in mind and a few that are in the works. I’ll be doing an extra blog post on those as they become available. If you want to be notified when all that is happening, you can sign up for my newsletter HERE!

Business Products


Unfortunately, this is still in the works and I’m hoping to get it up and running with regular videos as soon as possible. I plan to have it going by the end of March.

I know some like video better than reading a blog, so I would like to provide more ways to connect with you as readers than just written words. Again, I’ll let you know when that becomes available!

Other Items


Every year I try to complete a few education classes, courses, books that will help me to improve my writing and skills. I’ve been reading and researching to no end. My ‘Must Reads’ board on Pinterest if full of things to look at.



Now that I’ve taken some time to myself my goal is to draw and play my guitars more. I may not be doing these things as much as I wanted, but I’m making some time and that’s progress in itself.

Final Thoughts

Now, I know this post is not very upbeat, but there are always going to be some down points and this is one of those for me. I’ll get back up and flowing, don’t worry. How are you doing with your goals this year? Let me know in the comments. Are you struggling with something as I am or are you plowing along, full steam ahead?

Plans for 2019

Plans for 2019

As I do every year, I like to tell you what I plan to get done during the next year. You can do the same below. I would love to see what your plans are and we can encourage each other to complete our goals for the year.

Let’s get to it… I’ll be breaking things up into different categories so it’s easier for me to get down.



Since I’ve come to my senses and realize that I need more eyes going through my stories before they are published, I’ve decided to re-launch my series.

They are getting a whole new look, run through with betas and hopefully an editor before they are launched again. All seven books in the series are written and are in need of read throughs, so if you are looking to start a new series and would like free books I’d love to have you on my beta reader team!! Click Here to get started!


Stand Alone/Possible Series

I have two other stories I’ve been working on. One is a stand alone while the other may become a series. I haven’t decided yet. The stand alone is written and a bit longer so it needs to be read through yet.

The second one I’m still writing and should be complete by the end of January.

My main series will be revised and published as I get them done, hopefully one a month until they are complete and published. The other two will hopefully be complete by the end of August, so keep an eye open for those.

To Be Read

I have a list of books I’ve been trying to get through and my plan for 12 throughout the year worked out last year, so I’ll continue that this year. Have any book you would like to recommend? I’d love find new authors to read.

I also have been reading at least three that are non-genre or educational related, so I’ll also continue that for this year as well. With all the things I want to do this year, I don’t want to overdue myself like I did last year.

Short Stories

Here is something I would love to provide. I tried last year to provide some, but things got out of hand and I had to put it on the back burner. My plan for these is to bring one out every other month, so the first one should be out by the end of February! Check out my Patreon Page for more and to support me if you wish. Every little bit helps to provide awesome products to you, the reader!!

Beta Readers/Arc readers

Ok, so I have a few beta readers who have started reading through my stories and I’m getting responses, but I would like a few more. You would become an important part of my publishing journey as you are given my manuscript for free and in return you would give me your suggestions on how to make the story the best it can be.


If you’re interested in becoming a beta reader, please head Here and I’ll get you started! Thank you in advance to anyone willing to read and provide feedback! You are Awesome!!

I’m not quite ready for ARC readers, but hopefully soon. I’ll put out a call for those as the time comes, so keep a look out for that.


I’m in search for an editor. I’ll be honest, I haven’t done much here because we just did’t have the funds, but it’s essential so we’ll do what we can. Investments of the trade, right? It’ll pay off and we’ll move forward as we always have.


Know a good editor who might be interested in paranormal romances? I’d like to get an editor soon so I can provide the best books for you, my readers.



If you are on my newsletter, you know that I plan to up my blog posts to weekly instead of by-weekly. My desire is to bring you even more awesome content than I did last year. There will be bi-weekly posts on an inspirational word while the other bi-weeks will relate to a writing topic.

Have a word or writing topic you would like me to write about? Go ahead and leave me a comment and I’ll add it to my list! Tell me what you would like to see here!



Social media is a big platform for me and I’ve been posting daily to those I want to keep active on. I plan to become more active and provide you with more inspiration, discussions and the like. You can even leave me a question and I’ll answer them on my FB and Twitter pages. Want to see images of what I do or my five cats? Tell me what you would like to see and I’ll put them on my instagram.

I love connecting with others so let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll do what I can get you a peak into my life as a writer!


New Products

So, I’ve been thinking of expanding my business to more than just novels. I would like to provide items that would be fun and helpful for writers and readers alike.

I have some digital products in mind as well as physical products. I’ll be doing an extra blog post on those as they become available. Expect the first one near the end of January and throughout the year. Right now I have four planned, with more to come as the year goes by. If you want to be notified when all that is happening, you can sign up for my newsletter HERE!

Business Products


Unfortunately, this is still in the works and I’m hoping to get it up and running with regular videos as soon as possible. I plan to have it going by the end of March.

I know some like video better than reading a blog, so I would like to provide more ways to connect with you as readers than just written words. Again, I’ll let you know when that becomes available!

Other Items


Every year I try to complete a few education classes, courses, books that will help me to improve my writing and skills. This year is no different. So my plans for this year are to complete three as I did last year. If I’m able to fit more, I will.



Two of the things I love, but haven’t planned the time to do is draw and play my guitars. These are the two things that get pushed to the back while I’m focused on everything else. This year, I plan to fit them in, even if it’s just an hour on the weekends.

Final Thoughts

So, now that I’ve told you what my plans are, what do you have planned? Do you think I’ve planned too much?

Let me know what you have planned for 2019 and we can keep each other encouraged and motivated as we journey though the year!

Where Did the Time Go… Half the Year Gone!!

Half of the year has gone… Where did the time go? It’s definitely going faster than I would like… We are now one half of the way through the year and I thought it would be a good time to review my goals and see where my progress is at. So let’s get right into it…


Book Lineup

Publish 3 Novels by 12/31

  • I’ve finally gotten back into a rhythm of sorts. Book One is now revised and published for your reading pleasure. Free as well as the Prequel
  • Book 4 is is now also revised, edited and published.
  • Book 5 is being written, though slower than I would have liked, I am getting somewhere with it now.
~ It took so much time to get back into things after all the run around in the first quarter. I’ve since made some changes, gotten back into rhythm and I’m off writing daily again!

Read 12 Books in Genre by 12/31

  • So far I’ve read 6 books of 12 and I’m reading two right now, so I would say that I’m ahead on this one!
~ I’m having a bit of trouble reading these two as it is hard to stay with the story. I have faith I’ll get through it though and keep moving forward. One page at a time, right?

Read 6 Books NOT in Genre by 12/31

  • One down, one in progress and four to go! Yeah, I’m behind here. I need to pick up another book.

Organize a group of Beta readers for my books by 4/30

  • I have been in contact with two wonderful people willing to beta read for me as I return the favor. Would you like to be a part of my team? Gain free ARC of my books? And read some awesome fiction? Click Beta Readers if interested and lets go on an adventure!

Find an Editor I connect with by 6/30

  • Uh! I haven’t even thought about this for more than two seconds! Still one of my goals, but my writing comes first and since I’ve lost time on that all my thoughts are on catching up. Hopefully, my next report will be better on this front.
  • Update: Still no editor, but I’m looking. Go some advice or know of an editor that won’t break my wallet? Please comment below and help a girl out!

Organize a Critique Group who enjoys my genre and will give productive feedback by 3/31

  • I’ve lost some much time I haven’t even been on Scribofile in a while.
  • I have traded work with two great people who are willing to keep the relationship going.
  • I’ve also started a Wattpad account and have submitted a short story. Head on over to check it out and tell me what you think!
  • Otherwise, that’s as far as I’ve gotten on this. Comment below or click Critique Partner if you’d be interested in being a critique partner for Paranormal Romance/Fantasy books.

Create and Implement Street and Review Team for Books by 4/30

  • Oh my goodness! Does the chaos never cease? Hopefully, I can get my butt into gear since I took nearly a month off for family reasons. One more thing to add to my list of things to do and very soon. If interested please sign up below!



Post 26 Blog Posts Every Other Week in 2018

  • Luckily, this is one area I’ve excelled at. I haven’t missed a post yet!
  • I’ve begun to expand my posts to be writing related one week and the next is an inspirational word. You can check out my blog HERE!
  • Have a topic you would like me to elaborate on? Comment below and I will add it to my list!

Be More Communicative on Social Media and Online: Comment on Posts and in forums, Post advice, comments, thoughts and questions on social Media.

  • I’ve started posting irregularly on my social media accounts, but I’m starting to get better at being on there regularly. More to come!



I’ll keep these as a list as they don’t nee much explanation:

Grow Business by 25% by 12/31

~ Going Up!

Create New Products and Useful Printables for Readers and Writers – 2 by 12/31

~ Still Working on! You’re going to love these!

Start Using Video in Marketing by 6/30

~ Lots of video training, hit a road block, but hopefully will be up soon!

Create/Participate in 2 Big Events for Readers: Haha, I have thoughts, but what’s the fun in ruining the surprise here! 😉

~ Research and development are underway!

Create 100 total items for store by 1/31 and continue with 5 more per month after January. Want to visit my store, click HERE!

~ No where even close to 100 products, so I’m doing what I can and I’ll keep moving to gain more. ~ I may try a new storefront to get things out faster and easier, more to come on that!

Try out New list of Marketing Ideas and record results.

~ Working on and progressing well! So many ideas to implement!! I’m sure you’ve seen a few if you follow any of my social media!!

Revamp Webpage and Pages by 3/30

~ New site is up and most pages are complete, just a few more pics and tweaks to go! I have pictures but the SD card isn’t compatible with my computer so hopefully I’ll have them up in a week or two!!


classroom-2093744_640 What better way to keep up with your skill than to lean more about it?

Complete 3 Educational Courses by 12/31

~ I’ve completed three in the first four months! Still learning, but working on words more now to catch up!

Schedule Time to Work on Drawing and Take Art Classes (Once a Week)

~ This was going well in the first quarter, the second not so much, but I hope to get back into it soon!

What About You?

What About Are you reaching your 2018 goals?  Are you completing and accomplishing the tasks you set out to do? Let me know in the comments below. Let’s keep each other accountable and encouraged! SaveSave

Creating and Planning Characters

I posted on social media last week about how you come up with your character’s names and that got me thinking how I create and plan my characters. And because I love to share, I thought I would post it here to provide an inside to my thought process and possibly help those who are struggling in some areas.

So, let’s dig in.

Naming my Characters:

When I start a new story, I tend to have an idea for the main character in mind before the story actually starts or is planned out. What they look like, their personality, etc. Whether the character is timid and will grow in strength, or they are strong, but realize that showing weakness makes them human. Or maybe something different all together.

So, then comes naming my character(s). I really don’t like writing a story and not knowing my character’s name. It seems so impersonal. So, I think of a name and I tend to use the same technique to come up with their identity.


I tend to, well I can’t say tend to, because I alway have a letter or a few letters in mind for the beginning of the first name. It’s hard to explain how that works, but I think of the characters, how I want them to be portrayed throughout the story, and a letter usually presents itself.

I will use the characters of my Conquer Series for examples:

  • R – Raylynn
  • B – Blessing
  • J – Jazzmine
  • B – Brandon
  • J – Jynx
  • K- Knight


As with the letters, I usually know how many syllables the character’s name will have. Most do have two syllables with a nickname, while others have one or even three. Again, I can’t explain this, but I know how I want the names to work, so why not know their syllables? 😉 I didn’t realize it, but most of the names fit the characters so well they actually tell something about the characters.


Raylynn, who’s nickname is Ray can be a “ray of light” (You’ll have to read it to get that one 😉 )

Blessing, who doesn’t realize she is not a nuisance or burden, she is a blessing

Jazzmine, well her personality fits her nickname.

And these were totally unintentional!


My next step is to find a visual for my characters, a picture to put with the name. I use sites like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels to find my photos, because most likely I’ll be using them to create their covers and photos from those site are completely royalty free.

Here are some example of photos I’ve found and how I used them:



Ray of Light Final         pexels-photo-247203


design-10        girl-2097003_1920

I may change their features a bit to fit the character better, but usually there isn’t much that needs to change. They are quite similar to what I’m looking for in my characters.

Physical Description:

This is one area I do stick to the norm and fill out a list of descriptive qualities such as:

  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Build
  • Skin tone
  • Distinct feature(s)
  • Clothing
  • Age

Visit my Writing-Education or Writing- Character Inspiration pinterest page for great ideas to help in these areas!


This is another area I have a list for:

  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Personal Goals
  • Struggles/Challenges
  • Accomplishments
  • Future Expectations
  • Future Reality
  • Internal and External conflicts
  • Quirks
  • Flaws
  • Secrets
  • Pet peveves
  • Personality type (I use the list from 16personalities.com)
  • Character archetype (I use The 12 Common Archetypes by Carl Golden)
  • One more thing I add to this category is their Ability. Most of my characters have some sort of power that makes them who they are so I mention that here.

Now the characters may not fit the personality or archetypes exactly, but that gives you a chance to use that as weaknesses or lessons they’ll learn throughout your story.


This is where I list quirks, things they do that make them… them. Make them real. (Link previous post) Things like running their hands through their hair, tapping their chin, tapping their fingers when their arms are crossed. Maybe they carry something with them always or rely on something for security.


Here is where you can add things like:

  • Family
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Residence
  • Brief Life History
  • This is where I like to give a little about how they ended up where they currently are when the story begins as well.

Looking Forward:

This is where I like to give a little about the Character and where they will end up at the end of the book. It’s not a bad I idea to know where your characters will be by the end of their tale.


So, what are your thoughts? Anything I don’t have you think I should? What do you have and how do you plan your characters? I would love to hear from you!

New Beginnings…

The new year brings new beginnings and everyone is ready to forge ahead with plans, goals and resolutions. Since the New Year thrill is still upon us, I’ve been thinking of a way to keep the excitement going… and what better way than with a freebie!

Yep, I am offering a New beginning – short story for free! Now, this is in the beginning stages, but I would love your thoughts and heads up… there is a cliffhanger at the end since it leads into my Conquer Series books.

So, if you are interested in what happens before Raylynn’s story and how Conquer Enterprise and Security starts, here is a sneak peak and a link for the whole story!

I hope you enjoy, and (shameless plug) leaves you wanting to read more!

So without further ado, here is your sneak peek at Conquer E.S. – The Prequel!

Conquer E.S.

Where It Begins…

There was nowhere else for them, they insisted on creating a place for them. A safe-haven for his sons and others with unique abilities, but where? A soft knock interrupted his thoughts as his youngest entered.

“What are you doing?”

“Why Brandon, what a pleasure! What else would I be doing in my office, son?”

“Working on that secret project of yours. I won’t be but a moment, I wished to ask you for a Petrie disk or two. I have a hypothesis and wish to test it out.”

He rose from his chair moving to the cabinet along the side of the room; enjoying his son’s fascination not just with sciences but languages as different ones slipped through.



“Your office always smells of sandalwood and gum.” He turned from his

notes to look up at the man he called father and smiled. “A hint of cinnamon, am I right?”

“That you are. That you are.”

“Thanks dad.” Petrie dish in hand, he walked to the door. “Oh, if you plan to build something to protect those like Knight and yourself, you may wish to create a second branch to cover conspicuous actions of the company. I’d suggest a Non-profit Organization dedicated to giving back to the community.”

“Ah, Brandon?”

“Yeah, dad.” The thought brought a grin to his face as the boy glanced up from his studies. Brady understood Max was not his biological father, but that didn’t stop him from calling him dad and it made him swell with pride of the son they adopted.

“What’s your hypothesis?”


“Well, it’s more of a comparison study. I wanted to compare my blood with Knight’s and combine a small sample to see the reaction. With his blood, I hypothesis it will, in time overtake mine leaving nothing behind, since I have the weaker human blood.”

“Hmmm, care to share your results when your study is complete? I’m curious what you discover.”

“Sure, dad. I gotta go, time for school.” “See you later, son.”

He sat back at his desk, knowing Brady was careful. He understood the consequences should any of his tests be brought to the public eye and that most evidence was locked away or destroyed for the protection of the family. His sons got along so well it was as if they were best friends and not stepbrothers. It still amazed him to think on it.

His thoughts returned to their discussion and how Brady discovered the project he was creating. He lifted the phone, dialing his wife and partner to relay the information for her to think on. He hoped his boy kept his composure when he found out he may not be as the Campton family, but he was no human either.

She answered on the third ring, “Hey, dear.”

“Good Morning love, how’s work at the office today?”

“Boring, once we get ours up and running I’ll be happier to spend the day in my own building instead of someone else’s.”

“Speaking of that, Brady came to visit me a moment ago.”

“Oh, what did he want?”

“A Petrie dish for anther small comparison project he’s working on.” “Is that why you are calling? To relay that our son is at it again with his testing kit?”

“On the contrary, I believe you are correct in your assumption that Brady has his own talent.”

The tapping on the other line stopped as he gained her full attention.”What did he do?”

“He gave me a suggestion.”

“Maximus, if this is one of your jokes…”


“No joke. I walked across the room to get a Petrie dish for him and he commented on the smell of sandalwood and cinnamon. Then told me that if we insisted on building a safe-haven for Knight and others like him, we might consider a Non-profit Organization. One designated to giving back to the community to cover conspicuous activities, which I find brilliant.”

“That’s because it is and I have the perfect idea. We’ll discuss this more when I get home, boss is coming. Call Jynx, he can help. Love you.”

“I love you too.” He hung up and returned to work on his secret project wondering what his young son possessed within him.

His fingers grazed the screen as he dialed the number for the young man so similar to his older son he considered him a part of his family. He answered on the fourth ring.

“Yeah, what do you need, Max.”

“I’ve got a business proposition for you. You are one of my best men and I want you in on this. Choose who you wish to accompany you, bring the Manzerell brothers.”

“What kind of business proposition?”

“One, if all goes as planned, will be quite lucrative for those involved and provide the protection and training for those like ourselves.”

“I’m interested, but why me?”

“I understand your age may put a damper on things, but we consider you a part of our family. Though my sons no nothing of this venture, at least not full details, we wish you to be a part of it. You understand more than most how hard it is to deal with what’s within. If at all possible, we will have the resources to save your brother from the destructive path he is on. Any news on his condition?”

“Still struggling, but I’m optimistic. I believe we can pull through this.” A struggled growl came through the phone. “Listen, I’ve got to go. What time do you wish to meet and location?”

“Here, in an hour? If you think you can make it if not we can Skype. Whatever works best.”

“Thanks, Max. I’ll pass on the information to the boys. See you in an hour.”


“Take care, Jynx.”

He hung up the phone and reviewed what he gathered of Jynx’s position. His brother was struggling and if they failed to find a solution, his brother may not make it through this ordeal. That was the reason Conquer Enterprise and Security was within reach. His wife refused stand to watch Others suffer the ridicule of humans nor what lives within them.

The sound of his son’s talking caught his attention, Knight was leaving early for a class and Brandon will follow after getting his things together. He thought to ask if he wanted a ride, but understood Brandon enjoyed the walk to offer time to ponder. He let it go and prepared for the meeting he scheduled with his new employees/partners.


Brandon walked into the kitchen in time to catch his brother before he left. “Knight, I’d like to conduct an experiment to test a hypothesis I’ve been working on.”

“Yeah, what hypothesis is that?” He pulled the milk carton from the fridge and grabbed a glass when his brother stopped him from drinking straight from the carton.

“Well, it requires some of your blood.”



What to read more, Click HERE to get the full download ~ FREE! 

Shadow to Jazzmine's Heart

Jazzmine Now Available

After late nights and long days writing and editing and revising, I am glad to announce that Shadow to Jazzmine’s Heart (Book 3 of the Conquer the Darkness Series) is now available for purchase!

 Shadow to Jazzmine's Heart
Book 3 of the Conquer the Darkness Series follows Jazzmine Levant, a drifter tormented by her past and the town who despises her, dubbing her ‘The Beast.’ Determined to live despite the towns rejection, she survives the only what she knows how, within the shadows. Will she find love, and can she keep it or will it slip through her fingers like the shadows that surround her. 

If you haven’t read Book 1 or 2, I recommend starting with those. They are listed below with links to download. 

If you’ve read 1 and 2 and are ready to meet Jazzmine, you can purchase it HERE!

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Need to get the first or even the second book in this series? You can get them below!

Ray of Light

Book one features Raylynn Bormarlian: a young nurse determined to face her past. All while discovering what really happened years ago that caused her world to collide with a handsome agent, an elusive team of operatives and a world she didn’t know existed.

Follow Raylynn as she discovers she is not alone in a world of fantasy, shifters and a secret that will changer her forever…
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Blessing in Disguise

Book two features Blessing Morgan, a bookstore owner must rely on the assistance of a private investigator to fight her past and come out in one piece.

Both must come to terms with their past along with what is hiding beneath the surface.

Now available on Amazon Unlimited for Free!

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If you would leave a review of any and all you download, it would be greatly appreciated. 

I would love to hear what you thought! head over the the contact page and let me know! Enjoy the Journey!!


Accomplishments… and not one but TWO surprises!

There is nothing better than being able to accomplish something you have spent years working to complete. My journey as an author has been just that… a journey for many, many years and the first book I began writing on has been a work in progress for the last fifteen years. (On and off, of course.) I say journey because it has been one long adventure with ups, downs and everything in between. 


My dream of becoming a writer was put on the wayside, as many things do, when life got in the way. As the years past I found my passion in telling stories of the brave who journey through hardship and misfortune to emerge stronger while finding love, friendship and happiness along the way. Once I realized, as many do, that life is… well… life and if you don’t strive toward your dreams, they will never come to pass. Nothing will ever be perfect for you to move forward. Although we strive to have our finances in order before having children or fixing our current home to move into a new one, life tends to work the opposite way. So when life presented a chance to come home and be with my kids while striving for what my heart kept telling me to do, I took a chance. 

It’s been almost two years since I became an author, stay at home mother, and teacher of my children. Although the choice to do so was difficult and we didn’t know how we were going to make it on one income. We put our faith in our dreams and the Lord to bring us through the rough times. We now had enough to homeschool our children, have food on the table and to sometimes go do something fun. Don’t get me wrong, things still get tight (like at the moment where we didn’t manage to save enough for the curriculum we wanted for our children) and going out to do something fun may need to be put on hold. We could not be happier with our choice and what our lives are like now. 

My goal as an author is to create stories that will captivate readers, leaving them wanting more to discover. To journey alongside the characters as they traverse the dangers and adventures life puts before them while finding the happiness they strive to achieve.    

Surprise Number One:

Now that I have taken up enough time talking about accomplishing your dreams… I will get to the surprise of my post. Today I am happy to announce that I have not one but TWO sneak peeks for you!

I am nearly finished with my novel, Fight of the Heart. Which has taken me what seems like forever to complete. This is what started my dream of writing, what encouraged me to accomplish my goals and to continue to bring amazing content to my readers. So without further ado, here is a sneak peak of Fight of the Heart due to publication at the end of this month!

Julianna's Accomplishments


Glancing across the plain into the human dimension from his balcony at the pristine and illuminating palace of Alador; he searched for the right man to aid him with his plans. 

“There must be someone below who fits the description of a perfect carrier.”

“Are you certain this is the best course of action, Erenon?” 

“Of Course, Branson. Do you That is why I am sending you to be his guide.”

“Erenon, I don’t…”

The swish of his robes made a bare whisper as he turned with anger burning in his eyes. “You don’t what?”

“I do not believe this girl is a threat to us,” he stated calmly. 

“Well, she may not be a threat to you, but she is a threat to me.” His eyes returned to the realm beneath them. 

“What exactly do you wish to gain by distracting her?” His movements silent as he edged closer to the glass rail and glanced below wondering as he watched his friend and leader search humanity for the perfect man. 

“Distract her? I don’t intend to just distract her. I plan to make it so she will be unable to enter this realm again.”

“Banishment?! What has the young woman done to make you so determined, Erenon?”

“She took my world and twisted it until there was hardly anything remaining. Her actions took one of the two people I cared about most from me. She must serve punishment for her part in what happened to Arya,” he whispered the last to himself low enough so as not to be heard by their sensitive ears. Branson would refuse to help him if he knew the real reason he was after the girl. She was the reason Arya left, she was the reason he lost the woman he loved.  


“That’s Enough! I will have no further of your insight on the matter. I am the leader of this council and if I say she is to serve punishment, then she is to be served punishment.”

A sensation deep in his soul told him this journey may cause her more pain than what his leader planned. “As you say, who is it you are recruiting? And how am I to serve in your plan?”

“First, I must find the right man for the job…” Resuming his search below, his eyes roaming the earth searching for the perfect human to control. “Ah, he will do. The young man walking in the woods. If he walks the woods, he will be familiar with the area and his home will provide the necessary cover at the edge of town. Come, let us discuss my plan so we can effectively provide punishment for her misdeeds.”

The scent of pine, the song of birds and the light glimpsing through the branches always gave Damean a sense of calm and relaxation. He felt closer to nature and the appeasing affect was a plus as he maneuvered around a fallen tree. As he returned his focus to the path in front of him, he nearly ran into a young man, “What? Where did you come from?”  The man dressed in white robes, pretty in a masculine way. His light blonde hair hung loosely in the wind with a few braids to keep it out of his face. 

“Damean, I have a proposition for you.” His stature ramrod straight and professional. 

“How do you know my name?” Not one to back down, he gained a defensive stance and watched the man with suspicion.

“I am not here to hurt you. I am here to save HER.” The last not spoken, but heard in the mind. 

“How did you . . .” Before he could finish his statement, the visitor had his hand over Damean’s mouth to keep him quiet. Feeling the rough bite of bark as it pressed against his back, his eyes going wide as he heard the man in his mind again. 

There are many things I can do, now I do not have much time. Please listen carefully. The beating of his heart seemed to flood his ears and he could hardly breath. All he could do was look at him and wait. I am required to enchant upon you a spell to fall for a woman you know, but do not love. What you will feel inside and the actions you will take will no doubt bring this young woman pain and grief. I ask that you fight it, fight it with all you have in you. There will be times that you will not be able to control yourself and the things you will do. I am certain this experience will haunt you for the rest of your days, but you are the only one who can do this. He has chosen you, you must be able to fight if you want them to come out alive at the end. Before he could ask or say anything, the man continued aloud.

“My name is Branson and I am here on behalf of my boss who would like your assistance with something of utmost importance to him. Are you willing to provide that assistance?” His eyes held Damean’s as he continued to relay messages to him both verbally and telepathically. 

I am told to use you willingly or forcefully, whether you agree or not is of no concern to him. If you agree, the process will go smoother and you may be able to help this young woman. You will have enough free will to be able to fight his suggestions, but if you do not, well you will never be the same and you will loose everything you hold dear. 

Narrowing his eyes, he stared at the man for a moment. “Do I have a choice?” His heart pounding faster as he waited to hear the word he knew was coming. 

What do you mean I will not be able to control myself and what exactly is this boss getting me into?


This is going to be the worst thing you have ever done, but as I said before in order to save this woman’s life and the life of your friend, you have little choice in the matter. He has chosen you whether you want it or not. 

“Well, nice of you to be to the point.”

“Would you rather I, how do you say it… sugar coat it for you?” Cool sarcasm lacing his voice. 

“No, I don’t. Since you have a hold of me and I doubt you will let me go if I do not cooperate, I will do it, but I have one question.” Still feeling the bite of the tree on his back, he tried to shift, but the man’s hold was to restricting to maneuver. 

“What is it?”

“What’s in it for me?”  

Ah, smart man, you will have to trust me that everything will work out. If we can save this young woman and your friend, you will find the answer to you problems. His violet gaze spoke volumes as they stood there discussing the future of this young woman.

“What is it that you wish in return?”

After thinking for a moment, He asked a different question. Telepathically of course. Are you able to communicate with the deceased? “Hmm, the possibilities of that question are endless. Let me think.”

I myself, do not have the capabilities to carry out such a feat, but I do know someone who can with assistance. Who is it you would like to speak with.

It is not for me, my mother passed on three years ago and my father has never been the same. I know if he could just speak with her one more time he would be able to move on.

I see. . . If you help, I will see what I can do to make that happen. 

Thank you “Lets just put it this way, I will do as your boss requests, but he will owe me a favor at the time of my choosing.” Finally feeling the comfort of being released from the tree he rolled his shoulders to loosen the muscles that had been strained since Branson was quite a bit taller than him. 

“As long as it does not interfere with his plans, it will be done. I am to stay with you as your… business partner. We are to leave in two weeks time for Salona Island where you will take charge of an establishment there and you are to have no contact with anyone until he requests it from this point forward.”

“Wait, Falcon is leaving, I have to say goodbye.” Concern flashed through his mind that he would not be able to see his friend off for his journey. 

“You will see him again, he is an intricate part of the boss’s plan.” You see, the young woman is Julianna Porter. 

“What?” You mean this plan will affect Julianna and Falcon? 

Unfortunately, it will affect them the most as well as everyone they hold dear. Everyone they have come to love is intricately woven into this plan except for one person. The only person Erenon does not know about. The one person Erenon could not see during his views of the earth and it’s goings on. Julianna’s sister Angel. If we can get to her without his knowing, we will have a better chance of them coming out of this alive. 

Well, you’re in luck because Angel lives on Salona Island. How is it that he doesn’t know about her? She has come to visit a few times and Julianna has spoken about her plenty. 

That I am uncertain, but I can make a guess

“How will I know what to do and who to talk to?” What does he have against Julianna?

“You will hear his voice inside your mind, much like the human subconscious making suggestions and telling you what to do next. You will have to let him in freely.” That I myself am not completely sure of, but I do not like what he plans for justice. He claims that she took someone from him that he cared deeply about and wants justice for her crimes. 

Julianna hasn’t taken anyone. She’s the finest detective I’ve seen. She can find anyone or anything. She has never killed anyone. A fierce fighter, but she never kills. There has been peace here since she arrived when she was young.  

That is the reason I am enlisting your assistance, there is something he is hiding and I have a feeling that Julianna and Falcon will need all the help they can get. 

Shadow may come in handy as well then. 


I’ll explain when we have more time, this double communication is weighing on me.  

Yes, yes, you are right. 

“You are to take the ship to Salona Island two weeks from today. I will meet you at the establishment known as Salona Heights. You will set up there and return here to await further instruction.”

“You mean the prison? Why the prison?” Curiosity lighting his features.

“All will be clear in time.”

His legs hit hard stone and he turned to be sure he would remain upright as he eased himself onto it to rest, “Fine, Ill be there, but…” as he returned his attention forward, the man was gone. Searching the surrounding area he was clueless as to how the man disappeared.

“I certainly hope that is not a common trait. I would hate for him to pop in whenever he wishes.” He continued his journey through the woods, avoiding any falcons nearby. With this new mission his first act was to keep quiet and not speak to anyone. I have an inkling this is going to be harder than originally suggested. 

Chapter 1

Falcon spent the morning reviewing details with his father in the company office. He had been visiting the shipping yard since he was a little boy and it still amazed him how efficient his father worked through every aspect of the position. The office had not changed since, well… forever. The same oak wood desk and chair took up the middle of the of the hardwood floor. Not much else occupied the space other than a filing cabinet and a plant his mother insisted he keep on his desk to make the room more inviting. 

The walls were painted a dark green and decorated with paintings of the sea as well as a couple pictures of his family. Walking into the office brought back memories of visiting the docks, learning about ships and time spent here talking. He glanced at his father sitting in the old chair, waiting for him to look up and acknowledge his presence. His father signed the last invoice and peered up to find his son admiring a painting he had done of his first ship. The one that started it all. 

“Don’t tell me you are going to miss it.”

“I’ve practically grown up here. You’ve taught me everything I know about shipping. Of course, I will miss it, but I will be back,” he studied the painting while admiring the elegant brush strokes and color choices. 

“For Julianna?”

“Yes, for Julianna. I love her.” The last was said on a whisper, but his father still caught it.

“You don’t know all that there is to know about her,” concern lacing his voice as he bought his doubts on the match. 

He turned to his father. “I know enough to want to spend the rest of my life with her. I want to start a family and I want to start one with her.”

“Falcon think this through, you’ve known her for years and yet I know more about her than you do.”

“Because you work with her to train her, for what I am unsure, but I hope to be entrusted with her secrets as we learn and grow with each other.”

Flustered by his son’s determination, he gave what really weighed on his mind. “They’re not even sure if she would be able to procreate outside her shared DNA. You may not have a chance to have children.”

That statement stopped Falcon in his tracks, with an expression of surprise he glanced at his father expecting him to elaborate, but inquired  due to his father’s lack to provide information. “What do you mean ‘shared’ DNA?” 

Sighing he stood to walk around the desk to stand before his son. “Her DNA is made up of two species. One you know to be of the White Tiger Clan like that of her father. The other is of a species I have not seen in many, many years and I will not be the one to discuss that half of her. You will have to discuss it with her yourself. I will give you one clue to her mystery, son if you are positive she is the one.”

“Yes, I’m positive. What clue do you have.”

“Her name in her language is Nessima.”

“Nessima?” Her real name was Nessima. He loved the sound of it. With a smile and a hug he bid his father farewell, then went in search of his woman.

Her eyes remained on the waves, but Falcon knew she could sense him behind her. She was turned just enough to let him see her profile. Her flawless creamy skin was alight with a slight glow. High check bones and full luscious lips that made your mouth water took up residence under the most beautiful violet eyes you had ever seen. Framed by long dark lashes and a pert little nose that could smell better than some of the best trackers he knew.

She resembles an angel ready to take flight, Falcon thought as he walked up the cliff from her and her father’s home. His goal to spend the day with her before he left for the position his father arranged for him at his company on Salona Island, a three days journey by ship. He knew his parents were cautious around Julianna, but he didn’t understand why and they never let on as to the reason.  They were best friends with her father, Favian, so he was curious as to the discretion. Julianna is beautiful, smart, courageous, well mannered, and agile; the list could go on and on so what was the issue. What more could a guy ask for? 

Julianna knew the moment she was no longer alone. That’s what you get for having supernatural hearing,she berated herself. She heard Falcon coming before he even began climbing the cliff a mile above her home. She remembered the day she met Falcon. It had been six years ago, the day was warm and the breeze had carried his scent up the cliff. She came up here to relax after practicing her lessons at her father’s request and decided to take a break when she spied him riding his steed across the meadow below. He was amazingly handsome and rode like he and the steed were one and the same. The sight of him stopped her cold. With her enhanced eyes, she saw he was bronzed by the sun and wore dark blue riding pants and black boots. He decided to ride shirtless, which made him all the more appealing with his nicely muscled chest and chiseled abs. His hair was dark in color and pulled back to be held by a leather strap. The sight of his well-defined features caused her breath to catch and her ears to perk up. The horse; a magnificent creature, strong and majestic. The animal’s movements were graceful and fluid. 

Her decision to climb down the cliff to get a closer look at the horse and rider took about a second to make. She had not yet mastered all her training and would have to climb down naturally. She tried to keep him in sight as she maneuvered the rocky cliffs. For a normal human, it would have been a death wish, but since Julianna was not exactly human, she bounded down with no problem at all. Shifting her hands and feet into massive white paws cushioned her hands and feet as she descended the rocky wall. When she finally reached the bottom and shifted her hands and feet back, she looked around to the last place she had seen the handsome rider to realized he was nowhere to be found. ‘His horse had stopped at the spring nearby to drink, but where is the man?’ she pondered as she glanced around.

She searched the meadow and the surrounding trees. When she felt a hand on her shoulder, she nearly jumped out of her skin. She smiled at the memory. He was not supposed to be able to sneak up on her; she had supernatural hearing and amazing sight. Although, she was still trying to control those abilities at that time and she blamed it in the gorgeous man now standing beside her, who fogged her senses. 

She never did figure out how he could sneak up on her, but after being with him for so long she managed to hone in on his unique step. He was very agile and stepped with such a light foot you would assume he would never leave footprints in the sand if he were to walk upon it, but knowing he was a falcon shifter his steps would be hardly noticeable since they could shift in a moments notice and fly off when needed. 

Falcon placed a hand on her shoulder much like he did that first day, but today she didn’t jump. She leaned back into his body to feel his heat flow through her own. She always loved the warmth of his touch. She could stand here for hours, with his arms wrapped around her, staring out into the sea, but she knew he was coming to say good-bye. She wanted to push off his leaving as long as possible. She wanted to keep him here forever, but she knew how important it was for him to show his parents that he could handle things on his own. Falcon’s father told her he wanted to prove to his parents that he could provide for a family and Galon had offered a position he had taken at one of his shipping companies. 

“Julianna, I will always love you. Promise you will wait for me to return?” His voice near a plea, she couldn’t help but turn to kiss him in reply. The kiss was warm and inviting as she turned in his arms and placed hers around his neck. She put as much love and passion into that kiss as she could. When she released him she responded. “I would wait for you forever if it is what it takes for you to come back to me. I love you too.”

 “You always make me want you after you kiss me like that. What am I going to do without you?’ he responded, his voice husky as passion and sorrow filled his eyes. 

“Well, we have one day left to enjoy before you leave on the morning tide. Would you like to take a stroll in the woods to our favorite spot?’ Her eyes were warm and her body inviting. 

“Absolutely, my dear. There is no other way I would like to spend my time than in your company,” he took her hand and led her into the woods behind her home to a clearing they had found while roaming. 

They would come here to talk or have a picnic, but today it would serve a much deeper purpose. Julianna promised herself that if she could get him alone one more time, she would give herself to him fully. She didn’t care what her heritage said about needing the perfect mate. She was amazed that her parents were mates with such different backgrounds. They were the first to be of different species and still find a mate in each other. Since her dad convinced her that she could not have children with Falcon, she was unconcerned about becoming pregnant. He was of neither species that she carried in her system, but even if she did, she would love that child with everything she had. She wanted something of his to keep with her until he returned. 

When they reached the clearing, he stopped short. Taking in the sight with a grin, he looked at her with amazement. “Have something planned, do you?”

“Well, I didn’t want your last day with me to be boring, you’ll remember me better this way.” Julianna replied as her cheeks heated to a bright red. Her intention to be romantic, now as she looked at it from this position, she felt embarrassed that she was sending the wrong message. ‘Well it wouldn’t be exactly be the wrong message’ she thought with a slight grin since that is exactly what she planned. She just didn’t want him to think she would do this for anyone else. 

“Don’t look embarrassed, my love, it’s wonderful. Every time I am with you, that moment is embedded into my memory. I could never forget  you, ever. And this is not the last time I will be with you. I’m coming back for you and when I do we can work on building our lives together.”

Julianna felt the sting in that. She hadn’t told him about her special talents or that she may never be able to conceive children with him. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind. She didn’t want anything to ruin their time together.

“True”, she said with a sad smile, “but who knows how long that will be? You don’t even know how long you will be gone.” 

He led her to the quilts she had carried from her home to soften the ground, the pillows that would cushion their heads and the basket of food and wine she set to the side if they got hungry for something other than each other. 

He paused as they kneeled on the quilts to take her hands and looked into her eyes. “I WILL come back to you. Believe me, no one and nothing could keep me from returning to you.”

“I’m holding you to that, Falcon, I love you.”

“I love you too, Nessima.”

Her mind went wild, he didn’t just call me what I think he did, did he? How could he know my real name? No, I imagined it.

Just as she was going to ask him about it, she felt the tug of the council calling her and they didn’t give her any time to warn Falcon of what was happening, they just pulled her spirit to the palace and left Falcon to fend for himself with her spiritless body. Those bastards. She knew they could see her when they wanted to, but she had never before been summoned because she was a half-breed. Her mother told her many times how it felt when getting summoned so she knew what to expect if it ever happened.

What she didn’t expect was to be materialized into the council’s chamber without any clothes to cover herself. Well, if they wanted to get their fill, it was fine by her since she had no choice, but she was not doing anything she didn’t want to do. 

She crossed her arms and waited for the leader to speak. To her, protocol went straight out the window when one’s clothes are taken from them. 

“I’m sure you are wondering why you are here.” The one in the middle commented. They were all beautiful in their own way. Their species’ traits were that way. Every one of them had light skin, pale hair and looks that people would die for. 

“What I am wondering, Sir, is why the hell you summoned me here without any clothes? Am I to suppose you are perverted or did you just want to compare the differences of a half-breed and full blood?” Her eyes narrowed as she peered at each of the five members of the council sitting on their thrones made of dark blue velvet surrounded by gold. A quick glance at her surroundings, revealed a chamber made with marble interlaced with gold designs. On either side of the council more seating occupied with more people she didn’t know, but one young woman caught her eye. She looked so much like her mother that she did a double take. 

She returned her gaze to the council as they responded. “The reason for your being unclothed was to assure us that you are unarmed, unfortunately, we cannot allow you to have your own clothes at this moment in the event weapons are hidden in them and we will not allow you to defile the sacred robes of our people by having it touch your skin.” The young woman who reminded her of her mother had the decency to flinch at that last statement. 

“As I’m sure you saw, I was not in a position where I felt I needed to arm myself, but I will not argue the fact with you. What else could you possibly want with me?  Am I to assume I’m here for you to insult me or is there a purpose to this meeting other than to try to embarrass me with your lame reasonings?” She lifted one of her hands to her mouth to cover a fake yawn as none of what they saying meant anything to her. 

The burning fire in the head councilman’s eyes caused her mouth to lift in a tight smile. So I can get under their skin, interesting.

“Fine, you are here because we are feeling somewhat generous and have come up with a mission to have you prove yourself worthy of joining our ranks.”

“Who says I want to join your ranks. From my experience, which is not much mind you, no one here gives a damn what happens to me and would rather die than stand in the same room with me. I’m surprised you got this many people,” she waved her hand to emphasize the others, “how did you bribe them to come? Did you tell them you were going to eliminate me? Humiliate me? Condemn me?”

The young woman she notice earlier stood to interrupt the council, “Your mother wanted better for you, she wanted us to accept you as you are and in their own way, the council is trying to tell you that when you pass this mission you are welcome here anytime, with no judgment or ridicule.”

“Thank you Calathiel, we can take it from here.” The smug response from the leader bore no weight with her, so she continued. 

“From my point of view you were floundering and if you want her help, you need to be respectful and reason with her, not demand and push her away.”

“Really? You need my help? What could the all powerful species of Avalor possibly need my help with?” Julianna raised her eyebrow in surprise. 

 “Well, one of our men’s daughters has gone missing and we need you to find her. You are the only one of our kind who knows the area and has all the same abilities as the rest of us. We believe you would find her faster than any one of us could.” The man looked aghast that he had to say those words. 

“So you are going to put the fate of a child in my hands, when the amount of trust you have in me wouldn’t amount to even the tip of your little finger.”

“We have been informed by her father, the young one left a note stating she went to find you.” 

“What? Why would she want to find me? Isn’t talking about my kind a sin or something? How did she even know where to find me?”

“That is of no concern of yours. She went to find you and you will bring her home.”

“Soooo, I expect there is some sort of catch to all this. I don’t believe for a second that is the only reason I am here.” Even though she was naked, her stance showed defiance and her eyes surveying the room along with the people within. The leader seemed the only one who really appeared to loath her presence.

“Your father has taught you well, at least in this. Yes, there is a catch. You must prove to us that you are worthy of such a feat. While you are searching for the girl, we are giving you a challenge.”

Pausing far to long for Julianna’s liking, she was forced to play his game. With a heavy sign and a wave of her hand, she said, “What type of challenge?” 

The leaders eyes lit up as he began telling her what she would be required to do. “Well, my dear, we have been told that your mate is leaving in pursuit of a career…” 

“If you hurt him in any way, you will live to regret it.” Her eyes throwing daggers at the man who would harm her mate. 

“I wouldn’t dream of messing with an… animal.” Disgust evident in his voice. She wasn’t about to remind him that she too was an animal. 

“What will happen, Julianna, is when he leaves port tomorrow, you will have no memory of him and he of you,” he held his hand up when she went to interject, “You will not only have to find the child, you will also have to find your mate and convince him you are bound to be together. If you have done this, you will gain the respect your mother feels you deserve and we will accept you as you are.” A collective gasp raced around the room and she was lead to believe this was news to the rest of the council. 

In Julianna’s mind she was outraged, how was she supposed to find Falcon again after they took her memories of him, all of her memories. Every touch, every kiss, everything… will be gone. She wouldn’t remember anything about him. How was that possible when she was such close friends with his father, naturally he would remember things as well as her father. She began to smile until the bastard on the thrown opened his mouth again. 

“Of course, we can not have you getting information from your family, so as they come within a specific radius they too will suffer momentary memory loss.”

With her outrage, she almost shifted. She could feel her eyes change and her canines elongate. She stretched her fingers and she felt her claws come free. Well, that was a feat, not many shifters could say that they could shift while in spirit form. 

“You can’t do that, that leaves me with nothing as a clue. How am I supposed to find him with nothing to go off of?”

“Erenon, this is an outrage! That is not what was discussed and though I was against this from the beginning, you have now gone to far.” 

“Calathiel, you have said your piece while present at the meeting, you no longer have a say. Now sit or I will have you removed. As for you, I’m sure you will think of something. You seem to be a resourceful girl.”

Julianna thought about Falcon waiting back on Earth for her, she could feel the subtle shake as he tried to get her to ‘snap out of it’. Then she thought about what she planned for them and another idea came to her. 

As if they knew what she was thinking, they all turned to look at the leader, but he remained silent. Julianna looked to the right again as the young lady from earlier gave her a warning. “If you proceed with that thought, you will not know for sure what will happen. You could kill him and yourself if you are apart for to long. The bond is strong when two soul mates become one. Please think about how this could end.” 

“That’s precisely what will force me to fight to find him. With a little motivation such as not dying, I will be determined to find him and restore our bond.” Turning back to the council, she said, “I know he is my mate and there is nothing you can do to keep me from him. You wanna play your fucked up games, fine, but since I have no choice you will have to give him the same respect and courtesy you will me when I succeed.” Crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes, she waited for them to respond as the congregation whispered to each other about her language and attitude toward the council. Certainly she would get some sort of retribution for such incompetence. 

“I see you are going to make this unpleasant either way, so we accept your terms.” 

I am going to make this unpleasant? You are the ones taking MY memories of my mate and having to reunite with him without knowing that I need to find him. Not only that, but I must locate a missing child as well. I don’t see what could be more unpleasant than that. So, I’m glad that you accept, since I have no choice but to endure the coming events.” Done with these people, she looked at each and every person present until she landed on the young woman who seemed to be the only one who cared a wit what happened to her.  “Can I get back now?” She turned back to he council leader. “As much as I love to hang around people who hate me, especially in the nude, I have better things to do and now I have to get ready to loose every memory of the man I love. So if you don’t mind Id like to get back so I can prepare.” Defeated she gazed at the floor. 

“Yes, yes, you may go now, but remember your duty to the girl and you will be rewarded.”

“Since I won’t have any memories to get it the way, I should have no problem.” As she felt the pull of her body signaling her return, she glanced at the leader, smiled and gave a dramatic bow as was the respect due to the leader. Bending lower than necessary, she crouched low, shifted and pounce with a growl on her lips. She landed back in her body right as she would have landed on the man and smiled as she glimpsed the freight overtake his features just before her return. 

Surprise Number Two!

As for the second Sneak Peek: If you have been following me, you know that I have already published the first two books in my Conquer the Darkness Series. Your second sneak peek is for book 3 – Shadow to Jazzmine’s Heart! 

Jazzmine's Accomplishments

Chapter 1

A warm breeze flittered across her skin as she strolled along the alleys of town. Jazzmine became familiar with the back-ways since coming to live here years ago. Although the small city was crowded during the day, she had made sure there were no pedestrians toward the evening hours. Darkness was her solitude, her refuge. Memories plagued her of a time years ago, a time of pain and deceit. A time of destruction. Unable to use her ability once she was captured, she realized if she did her life would have gotten much worse than it was. 

The moment she was rescued from that lab, she traveled back home to be rejected by the only family she had left. Remembering the harsh words and disgusted stares as she walked back into a home she didn’t recognize, caused her to reach out to the only comfort she’d known, her shadows. The only thing that kept her from leaving this earth forever was the one thing her brother Jordon said as she walked out the door. “I’ve always thought you were special, but now you are not-thing.” 

You would think those words would not be encouraging, but the way he said it told her he didn’t believe his parents views. That she was not this thing she had become, she was still special. He secretly keeps in touch with her. The old saloon owner was unlike the rest of the town with his old ways. Even though he had never seen her face, he remained kind and gentle toward her. Even allowing her to run some errands for him at night and paying her for so she could pay for what she took. He was also nice enough to allow her to have whatever mail delivered to the saloon and he hid it out back for her to pick up. 

The world seemed against her but her mind wouldn’t allow her to leave, she had made an unlikely friend in the saloon owner and didn’t want to have to try all over again. Her life may not be perfect, but it was… hers. 

As she continued her stroll along the alley, her ears picked up the sound of chatter not far off. Heading to the shadows, she slipped in and wound her way to where the chatter was loudest. Peering around the corner she caught a glimpse of blue as the couple passed. 

The newcomers stopped at one of the merchant doors to read the posted sign. Her ears picked up their conversation, discussing the beast.

 “It’s not late, do you think it is some sort of holiday?”

“I don’t think so.” Glancing at the door to a cafe he points out the note posted in the window. Closed early due to Beast, come back tomorrow.

“Beast? what do you think that means?” She turns to look up and down the road in search of some mysterious creature. “You don’t think it could be her, do you? If her situation is worsening, we need to find her soon!”

“I don’t know. Perhaps we will find someone who can tell us as we search for an open establishment.”

She wondered if the person they were looking for were one and the same. That would mean that they were searching for her. 

Why on earth would they be searching for her… unless they were in league with the ones who tortured her years ago. 

They didn’t seem the evil henchmen type, but that could all be show. Gliding from one shadow to another she followed the couple further along the walkway. Jumping from shadow to shadow caught the other woman’s attention. She prayed she would keep moving, but no such luck. Even with her companion nagging at her, she continued to investigate. Finally the man relented and walked with her to see what she saw. 

Reaching the end of the alley and glancing left then right, Jazzmine remained still in the shadows a short distance away. The woman scanned the area with well trained eyes as did the man. Looking straight in her direction, the woman’s eyes widened with recognition, but took no move toward her. He companion saw nothing and suggested they continue to dinner. 

As she stared into the woman’s eyes, the sense of something strange filtered into her being. The sensation  hit her so hard she became unsteady and nearly tripped over a discarded box behind her. Never faltering in her gaze, she forced her thought’s to focus on her shadow. She did not know them, the more they stuck around the harder it was to keep her shadows in check. Their emotions were so strong she struggled with her most basic talents faltered. 

To her surprise the young woman gave her a slight nod and finally took her companions suggestion to leave and eat. 

What was that? And how was I feeling it? It was like she was feeling the love, anger and irritation. Not the first time she received those sensations. Any time she came in contact with anyone the emotions would bombard her, but this was different. She didn’t have to touch them to be able to feel the emotions pouring off them. So surprised her focus slipped and the woman down the isle noticed her. Now forced back into the comfort of the shadows she hid from the newcomers. 

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Newly Published!

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Special #1: Intro to Raylynn and Blessing.

Book one features Raylynn Bormarlian: a young nurse determined to face her past while discovering what really happened years ago that caused her world to collide with a handsome agent, an elusive team of operatives and a world she didn’t know existed.

Follow Raylynn as she discovers she is not alone in a world of fantasy, shifters and a secret that will changer her forever…

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Special #2: Book 3 Cover Reveal and Description!

Book 3 of the Conquer the Darkness Series follows Jazzmine Levant, a drifter who’s past torments her daily. The town has deemed her, ‘The Beast’ so she has adapted to hide in the shadows. Don’t miss the continuation with Jazzmine due to be published at the end of September!

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