• Need a Break

    I’m Taking My Own Advice… I Need A Break

    There are times in your life when you need to take stock and realize you just can’t keep going as you are. You need a break. Yes, I know. I’m always telling you to forge on, to keep going, but there are times where that is just not possible. That time has come for me. I’ve been fighting to keep going as I am and I’m finding it difficult to continue. I love what I’m doing, but as some of you know, I’ve been having minor health problems. Those problems are causing a fog in my head that feels like it won’t go away. It’s been really hard to concentrate…

  • Spring Break
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    (Spring) BREAK

    March and April bring a whole new perspective to the word ‘break’. As the days wear on and things are now becoming mundane and ordinary we feel underwhelmed (or overwhelmed), uninspired, and are in need for the chance to refresh our minds and bodies. To calm the raging monster within that’s telling you it’s time to take a break from life and just relax and rejuvenate your soul. Why You Need A Break and Why They Matter                                                                    …