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    Plans for 2019

    As I do every year, I like to tell you what I plan to get done during the next year. You can do the same below. I would love to see what your plans are and we can encourage each other to complete our goals for the year. Let’s get to it… I’ll be breaking things up into different categories so it’s easier for me to get down. Books Series Since I’ve come to my senses and realize that I need more eyes going through my stories before they are published, I’ve decided to re-launch my series. They are getting a whole new look, run through with betas and hopefully…

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    The new year is here and I have another word that works well for the start of this new year… Evolve. You may think this would be better suited for the end of the year or within the middle, but I wanted to give it to you so you could put it in your mind and think about it as you begin this year. You’ll find out why below. Yep, we’re keeping to the tradition… here are the definitions! Wiki Develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form Dictionary To develop gradually To give off or emit, as odor or vapors Let’s stick with the first two,…

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    January’s Writing Theme: New Year, New Plans

    It’s a new year and like most you may be making plans for the year or the next few weeks or months. Let’s make 2019 great and hold each other accountable. List something you are trying to accomplish this year below so we can encourage you on your journey! Example: Some of the things I have planned for this year are… to relaunch my paranormal romance series. (All seven books are written) I also have some fun and creative things planned that I will keep as a surprise. I’m already working on one and you’re going to love it!!  So what is one thing you have planned for 2019?

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    My Year Plan

    All of the thoughts and opinions herein are that of the author and were never influenced by any of the mentioned companies.  This year I am determined to put systems in place to accomplish my goals. If I took a glance at last year I would have one word for it… disappointing. This year my goals as outlined HERE are well on there way and I can safely say that even though we are not yet through January, I am ahead of schedule with my posts and well on my way to reaching my goals. I wanted to share how I planned out my year with you so that perhaps it will…