Language is something we take for granted, learning it at a young age and continuing to learn and use as we grow through our lives. We use it daily with so many around us that we don’t really think of what it entails.

But what really is language and why do we need it? Keep reading to find out!


  •  A body of words, and set of methods of combining them (called a grammar), understood by a community and used as a form of communication. quotations
  • The ability to communicate using words.
  •  A sublanguage: the slang of a particular community or jargon of a particular specialist field. quotations
  •  The expression of thought (the communication of meaning) in a specified way. quotations
  •  A body of sounds, signs and/or signals by which animals communicate, and by which plants are sometimes also thought to communicate.
  •  A computer language; a machine language.
  •  Manner of expression.
  •  The particular words used in a speech or a passage of text.
  •  Profanity.

  • A body of words and the systems for their use common to a people who are of the same community or nation, the same geographical area, or the same cultural tradition
  • Communication by voice in the distinctively human manner, using arbitrary sounds in conventional ways with conventional meanings; speech.
  • The system of linguistic signs or symbols considered in the abstract (opposed to speech).
  • Any set or system of such symbols as used in a more or less uniform fashion by a number of people, who are thus enabled to communicate intelligibly with one another.
  • Any system of formalized symbols, signs, sounds, gestures, or the like used or conceived as a means of communicating thought, emotion, etc.
  • The means of communication used by animals

What Is It and Why We Need It?

Language is an essential system of sounds and characters whether used through gestures, symbols, written or typed words to associate forms and meanings, which are transmitted by the speaker and decoded by the receiver. Depending on which actual language or dialect you communicate in, you are still connecting with others on a deeper level as you grow. It’s our main source of relaying ideas, thoughts, feelings and more as we move throughout life on the journey we’ve chosen.


Image by Taken from Pixabay

Have you ever noticed that language doesn’t discriminate? It may be used to discriminate, to put down, too insult or offend, but it itself does not. You are able to learn any language you wish, you just have to put in the effort to accomplish learning that new language. Language is also used to encourage, lift up, and inspire, which is why this post is being written.

We need language to connect with those near and far, but we also need it to express our thoughts, feelings, imagination and even our identity. Through words and sounds we convey our happiness, our hurt, our imaginations and creations. We impart information, influence others and so much more. It’s really amazing if you think about all that language does.

Types of Language in Writing

Since this is a writing blog, we are going to keep this within that realm. So let’s get to it.

As writers, we find ways to incorporate different types of languages within our writing, it’s how we connect with our readers on a deeper level, to create a specific reaction.


The use of explanation through writing, providing facts and figures within our writing to tell about a specific topic.


The use of great detail to offer better understanding and imagery of a topic such as characters or settings.


The creation of an emotional connection within the reader caused by the events of the story. eg. happiness, anger, fear, excitement, etc.


When one discloses ideas or impressions onto the reader, giving them suggestions as to what’s happening, what’s going to happen or how they should be feeling during a certain section of writing.


Persuasive language is used to convince you, the reader of something. It contains the opinions and biases of the writer to provide justifications and reasons for those thoughts and opinions.


The impressions of visual and possibly auditory affects on the reader as they are reading the work.


The telling of a story in words to provide the reader with entertainment.


To involve the readers senses as to what is beautiful through writing.


The reactions readers get when they read something that causes a physical reaction, such as goosebumps or shivers. The use of particular words, phrases or impressed images that cause the reader to experience the physical repercussions of the intended sensation.


To the reader, the words written affect them so much that it is life changing.

How We Use It

We, as writers, use language to communicate through words, emotions, and imagination. We take those words, twisting and forming them until they create characters, settings, plots, journeys, conflict, relationships and more.


Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Writers use language to communicate with others, too relay our thoughts and feelings. Writers take that language and form new worlds, epic adventures, creepy horrors, romantic relations, action packed fight scenes, sorrowful heartbreak and more.  Language isn’t just words, it’s sounds, images, and the adventures of characters; the ability to create such an experience that the reader will enter our worlds, leaving their reality behind. They forget the issues of their own life and slip away to the created land on the page, losing themselves to the story.

Not only do we use language to communicate with others within the business, we use it to interact with readers; continuing our journey with those we’ve impacted through our words.


A Story Grows as a Plant Grows

Spring is upon us and we are beginning to ready our garden for seeds/spuds. Yep, we are adding potatoes to our garden this year!! I can’t wait!

Since my little man loves gardening and all things that breath life, I am dedicating this post to him. Not to mention it’s his birthday today, so Happy birthday buddy! If not for him, my thought process would have skipped over this topic and on to the next.

Anyway, as we are deciding on seeds and what to plant where, my author mind took hold and contemplated as I often do… how a story is similar to a plant and how it grows.

Here is what I’ve noticed:


The Seed:

The seed in the story is, and you’ve probably guessed this… the spark of inspiration. That first initial thought of “Wow, this could be something great!” or “I’ve got to write this down, this would make such a great story!” And you’re probably right! 😉



This is where your story gets interesting, where it takes root as you write notes, plot, gather ideas for characters, settings, plot, conflict and the journey your characters will explore. The story will stretch it’s roots creating the beginning of something awesome!



As plants need nourishment, so to does the author. As a plant battles nature with weather, animals, and even humans, you to will discover the hardships of writing your story. Doubt, distraction, writer’s block, discouragement are all things we face as writers, but as the plant holds firm, you will too.

Find encouragement in others, inspiration in words and enjoyment in your characters, your setting and your plot twists to keep you motivated. Some plants may take days to flower while other take months or even years, but they WILL flower.



This is the part of your story where you get down to the nitty gritty. As bees pollinate the flowers, you must go from place to place researching your story further with interviews, history, occupations, folklore, or whatever topic is in need of researching for your specific story. Enjoy this journey and have fun with it!



Reproduction is the act of bring things together to create a new and exciting being. In the same sense, you bring all the components together from your notes, research, interviews, and more to create a new and fascinating tale. The journey of the characters, the realism of the settings, relationships and conflict as they move along their path create something people are dying to read!


Spreading the Seeds:

Spread the seeds! Are you ready to enter the realm and start again with a series or did you discover a new tale while writing this one? Keep going with characters your readers love and create their story. Create your tale so that readers are coming back for more and sparking that seed of inspiration in others writers who dream to be where you are.


What do you think? Ever sit and think, “This is so much like writing!” What have you noticed around you that you could relate to the writing process? Comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts. 



My 2018 Goals

It’s getting to be the end of the year and I’ve been working on plans for next year.

While thinking of what I really wanted to do with my business and how I want to move forward with my books, I find myself realizing that my goals from last year were… well, dull. Though they fit my business there was really no depth to them and to the business itself. If I want to make writing my career, I need to be more specific and defined with my goals for my business and my books.

My thoughts here are to keep myself accountable to my goals and my business by publishing them for others to witness. I did come a tad short from my goals last year as my fourth book will be published by the end of January. I realized I pushed myself to do to much without a team to keep me focused and motivated as far as my business is concerned. So without further jabbering from me, here are my goals for 2018.


Publish 3 Novels by 12/31

  • Though my goal last year was to publish four books, I have written four, but will be unable to complete the last as the holidays and the need for much required rest has taken presidents since I have stretched myself further than I can go within the last few weeks. So for 2018 I have reduced my number of published novels by one to give myself the needed rejuvenation required to keep motivated and productive throughout the year.

Read 12 Books in Genre by 12/31

  • With keeping up with reading I have surpassed my goal for this year and will repeat it for next year to keep the inspiration and imagination flowing. What better way to stay creative that to read those who have come before you?

Read 6 Books NOT in Genre by 12/31

  • This I have not kept up with this year, though I have read a few books not on my genre. I intend to keep reading so that my creativity is at it’s max for Inspiration as well as continued education on the industry.

Organize a group of Beta readers for my books by 4/30

  • There are some parts of being an author that I have really slacked on and wish to remedy as soon as I’m able. This area would be one of them. I plan to gather a dedicated group of people who would like to receive ARC of my book to read and reply with suggestions. I am offering this to anyone interested, and you could be the first. Click HERE to let me know you are interested.

Find an Editor I connect with by 6/30

  • Here is another that I am in need of. I understand the importance of hiring a professional editor and funds have not been enough to accommodate this need. My hope is to remedy that this year and hire a professional editor to edit my books to create a better reading experience for my readers.

Organize a Critique Group who enjoys my genre and will give productive feedback by 3/31

  • Another area that has been lacking this year. I would like to find like-minded people interested in the same Genre to participate in a critique exchange for our stories. Here is another opportunity to find a critique partner. Click HERE to find out more.

Create and Implement Street and Review Team for Books by 4/30

  • One more item to participate in: My plan is to create a Street Team and Review Team for my Novels as they become available. If you would like to be a part of that when the time comes, Click HERE!


Post 26 Blog Posts Every Other Week in 2018

  • My goal is to provide you, the reader with insightful and useful information throughout the year. Have a topic you would like me to elaborate on? Comment below and I will add it to my list!

Be More Communicative on Social Media and Online: Comment on Posts and in forums, Post advice, comments, thoughts and questions on social Media.

  • Another goal is to provide more communication with you, my readers; with advice, encouragement, and more.


I’ll keep these as a list as they don’t nee much explanation:

Grow Business by 25% by 12/31

Create New Products and Useful Printables for Readers and Writers – 2 by 12/31

Start Using Video in Marketing by 6/30

Create/Participate in 2 Big Events for Readers: Haha, I have thoughts, but what’s the fun in ruining the surprise here! 😉

Create 100 total items for store by 1/31 and continue with 5 more per month after January. Visit my store, FictionJourneys!

Try out New list of Marketing Ideas and record results.

Revamp Webpage and Pages by 3/30


What better way to keep up with your skill than to lean more about it?

Complete 3 Educational Courses by 12/31

Schedule Time to Work on Drawing and Take Art Classes (Once a Week)

How About You?

What are your goals for 2018? 

What things do you want to get done this year? Care to share to keep each other accountable? I’d love to read what your thoughts are. Comment below!

Newly Published!

Writing is a passion of mine, it is something I enjoy and do multiple times a day and today is not different except that I will be driving two hours to visit my twin sister for a week and help her with a Day Camp she runs every year, but you don’t want to hear about that. Today I have something special for you, actually two things!

I don’t usually blog about my books, but then I realized that my followers may be interested in what I write off my blog as well as on it. I want to provide a way to escape the real world and follow strong characters as they journey along a path of self discovery, love and friendship. Defeating the demons that plague them to find they can live a normal life if they have good friends who love them and a great support system behind them. It’s the connections that count… So without further ado I would like to introduce the Conquer the Darkness Series!

Special #1: Intro to Raylynn and Blessing.

Book one features Raylynn Bormarlian: a young nurse determined to face her past while discovering what really happened years ago that caused her world to collide with a handsome agent, an elusive team of operatives and a world she didn’t know existed.

Follow Raylynn as she discovers she is not alone in a world of fantasy, shifters and a secret that will changer her forever…

Now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ibooks and more. Click here to download Raylynn – Book 1 for FREE!

Book two features Blessing Morgan, a bookstore owner must rely on the assistance of a private investigator to fight her past and come out in one piece.

Both must come to terms with their past along with what is hiding beneath the surface.

Now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ibooks and more. Click here to download Raylynn and Blessing at the same time!

Special #2: Book 3 Cover Reveal and Description!

Book 3 of the Conquer the Darkness Series follows Jazzmine Levant, a drifter who’s past torments her daily. The town has deemed her, ‘The Beast’ so she has adapted to hide in the shadows. Don’t miss the continuation with Jazzmine due to be published at the end of September!

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If you would leave a review of any and all you download, it would be greatly appreciated. 

I would love to hear what you thought! head over the the contact page and let me know! Enjoy the Journey!!

21 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

You never know where or when inspiration can strike, but when it doesn’t you feel as though you have lost all hope of finishing that novel you were so encouraged, excited and enthusiastically forging on to create until you hit that snag. Now you are stuck and you feel like nothing you do will inspire, encourage, influence you to continue that journey. Your characters are forever locked in limbo as you try your hardest to figure out where they are supposed to go from here. Beat Writer’s Block with suggestions below.

21 ways to beat writer’s block to forge on over the mountain!


If you are having trouble with your writing. Try looking on Pinterest! This platform has a wealth of images as well as writing prompts to keep your imagination flowing on the journey. Take a look at my boards for some inspiration or create a search of your own!

Vision Board

This is something I would like to do at some point. It can be done with a bulletin board or on the computer. Collect pictures, quotes, notes, etc for your story to keep the plot, characters, setting, etc in your mind as well as in your eye view. I guess I have done this on Pinterest, but not on an actual bulletin board!


Sometimes it’s good to clear your mind to create a new rush of inspiration. Walk through nature, just take a walk or go on a trip to clear your mind, or possibly find more inspiration if your story has scenes in the woods or travel to a similar local to your settings. What better way to get ideas for your setting than going out and experiencing it for yourself!

Family and Friends

This may seem like a stretch depending on whether your friends and family support your writing or… think you are crazy. Go ahead and put your idea by them and see what they are willing to give you as to ideas and thoughts. If they are total against helping you, go ahead and use them as a character in your next novel. 😉 You will have a live person to take characteristics from and you already know quite well.


Perhaps there are others that support you, friends, a teacher, mentor or even your children. See if they can give you some thoughts on where you are stuck, ideas, conflict and more. Create a party out of it and have each person give their favorite character, setting, theme, etc. You never know what will come out of all that information!


If you are like me, you will have plenty of inspiration for stories provided by the dreams you have while sleeping (or even while you are awake). I may not use all parts of my dreams, but I have and will use sections of them. Now I keep a journal next to my bed so I can write them down when I wake up. I will refer to it when I need inspiration, a character, setting, conflict or any other part of the story I’m in need of inspiration.

Read (Books in Genre/Books on Genre)

Reading as well can give you ideas, thoughts and inspiration. Read similar books in your genre or even book on your genre. Something in your reading could spark your imagination to create the perfect story!


I usually have music playing as I write. Whether it’s Christian Contemporary, Country or Disney (My kids love that station on Pandora) something could catch your attention to use in your story.

Listen to Your Characters

I have heard that your characters can dictate where and how your story plays out. I for one totally believe this to be true. In my latest book, “Raylynn” I originally started out with my main character as a secretary for a large company, but as I continued writing, it turned out she wanted to be a nurse so that’s what I stuck with.

Change of Environment/Scenery

Like with Nature/Trip above, sometimes a change of scenery or atmosphere is all it takes to renew your creativity. Go to a park and watch parents and their children as you write, a coffee shop/cafe and people watch, sit in an arboretum and listen to nature, or just go into a different room in your house. Even the slightest change can create a massive flow of inspiration!


Sit and brainstorm different ideas for the part you are stuck in. Creating a list of ideas can sometimes flesh out new ideas and creative plot twists. Keep the list around and on-going for all your projects. They may come in very handy!

Inspiring Quotes or Pics

I keep boards on Pinterest for Inspiring quotes and pictures for the genre that I write. I also have different boards for different stories that I am writing and that I plan to write so that I can refer back to them as needed. Take a look here!

Play a Game

Playing a game could create a whole new creative situation for your characters and theme of  your story. Plot twist anyone?! Clue and Shadows Over Camelot are two of my favorite. I love fantasy and Sherlock Holmes. One story I am writing is a young girl. Her job as a private investigator leads her on a journey to reclaim what is hers, but she also has a secret that may ruin everything. Keep your eyes open for “Summer Storm” (Title is still in the works, I’ll update as it becomes finalized.)

Keep a Journal

As with your dreams, try keeping a journal to write down your thoughts, any thoughts. Thoughts about your day, what you are working on, how things are going, your dreams, everything. Any and all information can be useful when writing if you use it to further the journey of your characters and story.

Change Writing Materials

Every once in a while it may become useful to change your writing materials. Change from your computer/tablet to pen and paper. It may come in handy for your thoughts as well as your eyes to take a break from the electronics.

Change The Time of Day

Change the time of day that you write. I recently changed from writing in the morning to writing in the evening due to scheduling issues, but I realized that I do much better in the mornings. So I will be re-organizing my schedule to compensate and will stick with the morning hours.

Change Scene You are Writing

Don’t feel that you need to write from one scene/chapter to the next. Try moving around your story and writing what you find interesting that day. Just remember to keep some sort of organization to your writing so you know where that scene is supposed to go. Programs like Scrivener and ywriter are great for this.

Re-read Favorite Book/Story/Scene

Re-reading your favorite book, story, or scene can create imagination to flow like crazy. Try to relate the scene to your own story: How could it fit in? Could you use the idea as a plot twist? The setting? Ask yourself ‘what if’ questions to create a flow of prompts and choose the best one!

Use Reward and Create a Challenge

Think of a reward, a good one and create a challenge/goal for yourself. Nothing gets your creative juices flowing like a good challenge/goal. Once you meet the challenge/goal allow yourself to receive the reward. No cheating now! Get the challenge/goal complete and receive your reward!

Attend a Function Related to Your Work

I love fantasy and romance. One of my favorite places to go is our local Renaissance Faire. There is nothing better than seeing your imagination come to life to create ideas and the flow of creativity!

Keep Your Energy Up (Healthy, Exercise, Water, Sleep)

Just as the title recommends: keep up your energy and do it the right way. I’m not saying cut out ALL the junk. I am a dark chocolate lover after all, but try to create a routine to stay healthy, motivated and active. I started a routine of writing in my journal, exercising and working on my stories every morning and even my husband saw a change in me. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. Grogginess does not help the creativity flow!

Keep journeying on and do what is best for you. How do you beat writer’s block? Comment below to keep the list going!

What Inspires Me to Write…

One of the questions most, if not all authors get is, “What inspires you to write or What is your inspiration for writing?”

I would assume that question has a multitude of answers and I am no exception. So without further ado, here are my reasons as to my inspiration for writing.

In the words of my brother -in -law, “Famary” is very important to me and is one of my inspirations for writing. Thank you Jerome! My children encourage me with nearly every word. They are hilarious, loving, and goof-balls. I love every minute with them. So why are they an inspiration? They are my life’s blood. Without them I would be nothing. Looking at them every day reminds me why I write and encourages me to become better. Not only is it a way to show my children dedication, determination, courage, passion, and a love for what I do. That is exactly why I write, I love to do it.


Through my work and what I do, I can inspire others to do the same or even something different. It doesn’t matter if you like to write, you can do anything. I should know. As a young girl I was terrified to talk to people or put myself out there in any fashion. I remember one time long ago, I was about 10 at the time. My family and I were eating at McDonalds and I wanted more catsup for my fries. This was before they put the pumps in to serve yourself, so I was forced to go to the counter and ask for the packets. I was so terrified I didn’t even want to ask for something that they so readily give to their customers. Since then I have achieved a better handle over my fright and have accomplished so much. I hope that my words whether in my blog, books, or anything else encourage others to chase their dreams and goals.


Reading and writing have been a passion of mine since I was a young girl. It was a way to escape everyday life with five sisters and read about the things I loved. Eventually that love turned into a passion to write what I wanted to read. There is nothing more satisfying that writing a great story for others to enjoy.


The journey is one of the most gratifying things to come from writing. Not only the journey of your characters as they traverse the paths and obstacles you place in front of them, but also your journey as a writer. The experience of becoming an author and writer is one I wouldn’t change for the world. There may be some down days, but the good days massively out way them. I could not be happier to spend my days on the journey I have chosen.


What better way to be inspired is by your readers. Saying ‘Thank You’ to your readers will create a desire to continue providing awesome content, stories, and more. Your readers will be there for you and are what drives your business to the next story, level, course, or post. Keep them in mind as you continue your journey. 



What Inspires You…?

What inspires you to keep going with your journey? Your dreams? And to accomplish your goals?