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    Conquer E.S. Giveaway!!

    First things first: In conjunction with the release of Jazzmine: Conquer E.S. Series (Book 3), I am hosting a fantastic giveaway with some awesome swag. The best part ~ You have a chance to win all three paperbacks, plus all three digital downloads of the series! What could be better than wining a new exciting series to read and enjoy? Why some awesome items to go along with those cool new books! Here is what you will receive if you win this fantastic prize: Signed Paperback – Raylynn: Conquer E.S. Series (Book 1) Signed Paperback – Blessing: Conquer E.S. Series (Book 2) Signed Paperback – Jazzmine: Conquer E.S. Series (Book…

  • Shadow to Jazzmine's Heart
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    Jazzmine Now Available

    After late nights and long days writing and editing and revising, I am glad to announce that Shadow to Jazzmine’s Heart (Book 3 of the Conquer the Darkness Series) is now available for purchase!   Book 3 of the Conquer the Darkness Series follows Jazzmine Levant, a drifter tormented by her past and the town who despises her, dubbing her ‘The Beast.’ Determined to live despite the towns rejection, she survives the only what she knows how, within the shadows. Will she find love, and can she keep it or will it slip through her fingers like the shadows that surround her.  If you haven’t read Book 1 or 2, I recommend starting…

  • Accomplishments
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    Accomplishments… and not one but TWO surprises!

    There is nothing better than being able to accomplish something you have spent years working to complete. My journey as an author has been just that… a journey for many, many years and the first book I began writing on has been a work in progress for the last fifteen years. (On and off, of course.) I say journey because it has been one long adventure with ups, downs and everything in between.    My dream of becoming a writer was put on the wayside, as many things do, when life got in the way. As the years past I found my passion in telling stories of the brave who…