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    Perfection, is one of those words that you have to wonder what really is the meaning of it. Another example, the word average. What really is the meaning of average? Is anyone really average or perfect? Is it attainable with all the quirks and differences we as humans have? Let’s take a look at what the dictionary has to say about the word Perfection… Dictionary.com The state or quality of being or becoming perfect The highest degree of proficiency, skill or excellence, as in some art. A perfect embodiment or example of something A quality, trait, or feature of the highest degree of excellence The highest or most nearly perfect…

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    My Goals for 2017

    So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2017: Publish four short stories by December 31, 2017 Stories are my passion. I love the characters, the journey, the settings, quests, character growth, surprises, twists, and everything included in a good story. My hope is that you love my stories as much as I do. Read 12 books in my chosen genre by December 31, 2017d Not only is ready my chosen genre enjoyable, it can be inspirational, enlightening, and can cause a sense of peace when reading the words of a fellow author. Read 4 books not in my chosen genre by December 31, 2017 I am usually only…