Shadows In The Forest Board Game By ThinkFun

You are deep in a dark, ancient forest with only your lantern to light your way. Tall, looming trees cast shadows all around. Off in the distance you hear faint rustling and whispers; your heart begins to race. Could the legends be true? Will you finally discover the creatures who hide within the forest shadows?


Who doesn’t want to stay up late in the dark? Anyone who wants to journey to discover if the legends are true! Are Shadowlings real?! Find out in this game played in the dark with only a lantern to guide your way.

  • What’s Included – Shadows in the Forest has high quality components including: Game Board, Mini Lantern (batteries included), a Glow-in-the-Dark Die, 10 Hiding Places (Trees and Boulders), 6 Shadowlings, and 6 Shadowling masks.
  • For 2-7 players aged 8 to adult.
  • Clear instructions – Easy to learn with a clear, high quality instruction manual. You can start playing immediately!
  • Innovative and unique – It’s a fun board game for kids and adults that operates like flashlight tag in the forest; play as the Seeker (controlling a lantern) or as the ‘Shadowlings’ – forest creatures who hide from the light. The Seeker wants to freeze the Shadowlings, and the Shadowlings strive to make it to the same tree. The unique experience makes this one of the best gifts you can find for kids age 8 and up.
  • Develops critical skills – Playing Shadows in the Forest helps kids develop cooperation skills and imparts a basic understanding of lights and shadows.
  • Award winner – Winner of a Techlicious 2018 Best of Toy Fair Award


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