Redneck Life Board Game

Step into the world of redneck life with “The Game of Redneck Life” where a roll of 2 dice determines your redneck name and the grade you complete in school, which sets you up for one of 11 fabulous careers, such as Mullet Salon Operator or Monster Truck Announcer! Journey through Blue Collar Americana using credit to buy vehicles, get married, purchase a home, get divorced, remarried, and raise a passel of young ‘uns. Through accidents and brawls, players lose teeth during the game. Buy some back if you can, as the player with the most teeth at the end of the game wins!

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Who doesn’t want to experience being a redneck at least once in their life? Or maybe twice?

  • The winner is the player who, you guessed it, ends with the most teeth remaining at the end of the game!
  • A life journey game for 2-6 players, age 13+.
  • Play time 1-2 hours.
  • Easy to start, hilarious to play, hard to forget!
  • A gut bustin’ great time!


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