Fantasy Places

There are so many places you can go to see imagination at it’s finest and I would like to share them with you like minded fantasy lovers. This list may be short right now, but please feel free to comment below and I will add more for people to see and visit!

Renaissance Fairs

There are Renaissance Fairs all over and the link below will show you where all of them are by state. My family and I LOVE our local Renaissance fair and attend a few times a year!!

Real Places From Movies to Visit

Follow the links for see real places you can visit from fictional movies such as Harry PotterThe Lord of the RingStar Wars and Downton Abby!  New Zealand is on our list to visit soon! What is your?


Fantasy Stores to Get Your Props, Trinkets, and More!

What is better than going to the place than dressing like your favorite mythical character. Here are a list of stores that provide unique items for all your needs.

Fantasy Games

Well, we call them European games, but our family loves them. Our children who are 7 and 10 right now also love them. Here are places you can search and find some of your own.


Please feel free to share more to add to these lists. I would love to see what else we can find!!