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Conquer E.S. Giveaway!!

First things first:

In conjunction with the release of Jazzmine: Conquer E.S. Series (Book 3), I am hosting a fantastic giveaway with some awesome swag.

The best part ~

You have a chance to win all three paperbacks, plus all three digital downloads of the series! What could be better than wining a new exciting series to read and enjoy?

Why some awesome items to go along with those cool new books!

Here is what you will receive if you win this fantastic prize:

Conquer Giveaway

  • Signed Paperback – Raylynn: Conquer E.S. Series (Book 1)
  • Signed Paperback – Blessing: Conquer E.S. Series (Book 2)
  • Signed Paperback – Jazzmine: Conquer E.S. Series (Book 3)
  • Your choice of MOBI, EPUB, PDF or DOCX version of all three books.
  • Conquer E.S. Tote Bag
  • Conquer E.S. Bookmark
  • Conquer E.S. Spiral
  • Pack of Colored Pens

Let’s take a look at these amazing women:


b7830-jazzmine2bfinal-2A nurse at the local hospital, Raylynn Bormarlian provides comfort and love to the patients she treats. But something inside keeps her from accepting the same love and comfort from others.  As memories of the nightmare she experienced long ago return, Raylynn is forced to confront a man that created so much misery, pain and anguish to her younger self in order to find what is hidden deeper in her soul.

Jynx Luminar is a top operative in an elite force determined to protect those with unusual powers and are in need of assistance returning to society after traumatic events. Assigned to protect and train the woman he once caused so much pain, he must find a way to tell her his secret before he loses her forever.

From their first scent, Raylynn and Jynx could not resist the attraction simmering between them.  Yet, Raylynn must face what has become her worst nightmare to forge forward with Jynx without fear of the past. Will they overcome their demons once entering the lab of a man who haunted her dreams and caused a terror so great she no longer willed to live? Will he find the courage to tell her of his past?




A bookstore owner with social disabilities, Blessing Morgan desires a life of interaction, enjoying the company of others rather than her dismal life behind a computer she can hardly handle. As a man from her past re-enters her life, Blessing is forced to seek help from a disheveled, but handsome Inspector.

Knight Campton, a local inspector for a small town searches for any and every clue to the young brother who was kidnapped years ago. Determined and faithful that his brother still lives, he takes a case that will put him closer to finding his missing sibling than ever before.

As they work together to bring down the man responsible for creating havoc within Blessing’s small life; they realize that the man Blessing is trying to stop and the one Knight has spent his life trying to locate are one and the same. How will Blessing deal with the man who wants to repeat her past and the man she is falling for? How will Knight react to finding his long lost brother and his role in torturing the woman he’s come to love?




She is an outcast in a town that has deemed to call her a beast and monster. Jazzmine Levant keeps to the shadows where she uses her talents to blend in with the darkness she welcomes as home. Her life turned upside down years ago when one mistake ended her in the hands of a monster, but one person made it all bearable until she was rescued and he fled. The pain and fear rush to the forefront as she is reunited with the man she needs to live, but refuses to see.

Brady, finally reunited with his family after so many years has been sneaking out to communicate with his team of highly trained hunters. He relies on them to have his back until he realizes they have been using him the whole time to get close to those that were affected by Dr. Simonson’s experiments. What they want, he must find out before he can resume his life beside his woman.

From the beginning, they had a connection deeper than friendship. The events in the lab slowly tore them apart as the experiments continued. His blood now running through her veins and his power now flowing through her. Will he be able to save her as her body struggles to cope with the intrusion or will their pasts ruin them forever?


Now To Enter:

Now that you’ve seen what you can win and learned about this series, I bet you are looking for how to enter:

Well, I’ve got you covered! Click the link below and you will be directed to the entry form!

Click here to Enter

If you would like to keep up to date on this series and upcoming books (Next installment: Cloe ~ Due in December!) click HERE where you will get Book 1 for free today!



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