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Character/Story Communication

What is Story Communication or even Character communication, you may be asking yourself, well, I’m going to show you what I’ve found, so keep reading.

What is Story Communication?

Story communication is the connection you get from the story itself. The deep level, overall, feeling of completeness once you’ve finished a good story. It’s how the words resinates with you as the reader. Have you ever read a story and when you were finished, you were completely devastated that it was over? Or completely satisfied by the last words finishing the tale? That’s story communication; it’s how the story itself, as a whole resonates with you, the reader, when you throughly absorbed every last part of the story.

Story Communication

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… And Character Communication?

As with story communication, character communication is the connections you have with the characters. When you envision the story unfolding in your mind with the way the characters talk, act, and move throughout the story, it’s the way you feel about the characters within the story. The hatred, yet understanding of the villain; the way you root for the main character and love their love interest as much as they do. It’s the feeling of going on their journey along with them.

That connection is the author communicating with you on such a deep level that you are able to envision yourself within the world they created. You root for or against each character and even relate to those of the secondary ones who pop in every now and then to impart wisdom or provide comic relief.

Why is it Essential?

The most effective way to engage and resonate with your readers is through storytelling. What better way than to create a story so memorable, you create engagement within your readers? That is one of the goals of a writer, to have your readers so enthralled and invested into the characters and story that they want more. If you create a story so engaging, your readers will feel just a strongly as you do about the characters and the story itself.

Engage Your readers

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When one creates a story from the heart, whether that’s romance, horror, mystery or adventure, your readers have no choice but to love what your write.

Stories are Used To…

As I’ve written in  my post ‘What Is A Story?’ stories are produced by the imagination of the writer for entertainment, encouragement, a way to escape, but also as a way to pass down history, teach morals, create and continue traditions, and more.


Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

It’s how we got to where we are today. Families tell them when they’re together to remember the good time, or the bad, to reminisce about the battles won and the ones lost. They create memories and that’s the most important part of stories.

Stories as a Tool to Influence

Stories are a great took to influence and encourage others. Writers use their talents to create words and phrases, even situations that encourage, inspire, motivate and help others in any aspect of their lives. It’s a way to let others know that they are not alone, that others have experienced exactly as they have/are experiencing.


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There is no better feeling than knowing someone else has experienced the same problems you have and have survived/overcame those same obstacles. Each one of us is living our own story and as the main character in that story, we are going through our own ups and downs, trials and hurdles, obstacles and triumphs. There are just those times when you need to know there is someone else who’s experienced what you are going through and came out of it stronger from the experience.

When we open up by sharing, it creates a vulnerability that allows for a deeper connection with another and that’s what’s important.

We use stories to inspire, encourage, escape and pleasure. How do you use stories? 

My journey has led me to this moment, this time and this adventure. I forge forward to provide great stories and helpful information to those who were once in my position. Searching and yearning for something more. To those searching, keep to your journey. You’ll reach your destination. Enjoy the adventure, learn from the obsticles, and stive for your dreams.

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