May’s Writing Theme: Where is Your Progress At?

Since we are one quarter into the year, I thought we could write about (and analyze) where we are, where we are going, and what we have done to get us to this point. So for this month we are writing our progress on whatever you have going on right now. Writing related or not. We are here to support you!

Where is


Example: For my example this month I will refer you to my blog as I have already given my progress for the quarter there. My Progress So Far… Check it out to see where I am and where I plan to go to reach my goals.


April’s Writing Theme: Favorite Spring Activity!

Since spring is here I thought we should write about our favorite spring activity! What is your favorite? Is it a family activity? A solitary activity? A traditional activity? Tell about your favorite activity. Below is mine!


My Example: Every year during late spring/early summer our family will sit down and create a list of all the things we want to do during the warmer months. Creating this checklist of items we want to do is a wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing for places and activities. As a writer, it provides more experiences to gain material for stories and create memories at the same time. It is something we love doing and my kids love checking off the things we get down each season.


This Month’s Writing Theme: Lucky!

March is the month of leprechauns, gold chocolate coins and luck. So this month we will be writing about how you or one of your characters has been lucky. Is it shear dumb luck or defeating something by the skin of their teeth? What event were you lucky at? (Please no gambling references, we want actual events.) Have fun and get lucky!



My example: I have a character who while in the process of trying to save another gets shot. Though those around her try to save her with what means they possess, her life slips away. Her friends finally able to remove the bullet try hard to revive her. As time slips by their newest comrade watches on with worry and a sense to help. A split second decision to use her newfound powers, the new comrade strikes causing a shock to rocket through the unconscious woman’s body, as her heart begins to beat once again.

So, the split decision of one saved the life of another .



February’s Writing Theme: A Love Story

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s dive in and write a love story! Write how you met your significant other, or how you dream of meeting them. You could also write a romantic scene with a couple. It could be a romantic date or just one doing something sweet for someone else.  What is your idea of a romantic day with your love? Have fun and make it elaborate! I can’t wait to hear about it!!

Write A Love Story


My Example: The day was cold, snow covering the ground with ice sheets. A day spent watching young ones play while you stood frozen in place from the cold, but something catches our eye. A streak of black then blue racing over the hill near your home. Turning toward the source we see a little boy dress in warm clothes and an older man dressing in shorts and a blue tank top racing down the hill, one on blades the other in sneakers.

To my surprise nearly 20 years later I would be married to that man I thought was crazy for dressing in such inappropriate attire for the wintery weather we were having and I couldn’t be happier.


January’s (2018) Writing Theme: One Power You Wish You Had

Your characters may have powers, so this month’s theme is… If you could have one power, what power would you have and why? Would you want the ability to fly, invisibility, the ability to read minds, or something a bit different like the ability to call shadow or light? Give us your thoughts and tell us one power you wish you had!

Your Desired Power


My Example: This one is a hard one for me, but if I had to choose… I would pick the ability of Telekinesis. I’ve had a lot of dreams of this, so I would have to say Telekinesis. What would you choose?

December’s (2017) Writing Theme: Your Character’s Goals!

December is the time of hear we are celebrating with family and friends, but the end is when we are thinking of the next year and the goals/resolutions we want to accomplish during that time. For this months theme, we are going to write about our characters and what their goals are throughout their journey. So, what goals are your character’s trying to accomplish throughout the journey you have created for them?

Writing Your Character's Goals

My Example: For my first book Ray of Light (Previously Raylynn) her goal is to discover what really happened many years ago which in turn will answer what is happening to her now and who was behind thethreat of her future.

November’s Writing Theme: Traditions You Love

November is the beginning of the Christmas/Holiday season. Everyone is getting ready for the holidays, trying to stay warm and giving thanks. This month I thought we might write about traditions. What traditions do you have? Have you had to combine traditions when entering into a new relationship? What do you love about your traditions?

Writing Traditions You Love

My Example: Every year on Thanksgiving after everyone had eaten their fill, we sit in our living room, put on Christmas music, drink hot chocolate (coca-cola from glass bottles – that’s my husband’s tradition) and put up our tree. Thanksgiving morning (and Christmas morning) I make banana bread and pumpkin bread for breakfast and we have family over. If we know we won’t see them we will exchange gifts then, otherwise we will wait until everyone is together again for Christmas.

Christmas is another story… We have four Christmas celebrations to attend every year due to the combined families. We have one with my parents on Christmas Eve, one with my husband’s family on Christmas day, One with all of my sisters on whichever day we can plan all of us to meet and another for my extended family. Do you have multiple Christmas/Holiday celebrations? How many do you have?

Even though the season seems like a big jumble of activity, we love nearly every bit of it. Seeing our families and the joy of being together warms our hearts. Tell me about your traditions, I would love to hear about them!

October’s Writing Theme: Your Favorite Scary Story

In lue of Halloween, I’ve decided to get into the spirit and see what scary stories you enjoy around this time. I personally don’t favor the frightening and things that go bump in the night, but I’m interested in stories and you never know what will inspire… So for this month’s writing fun: give your favorite scary story. Title and short description!

Writing Your Favorite Scary Story

My Example: As I mentioned horror (or even scary) is not my cup of tea, but I’ll do my best to give an example. If I had to choose I would have to say the Grimm Fairytales. For me, I could not imagine what would be going through your head to cut off your toes to fit your foot into a glass slipper… What is yours?

September’s Writing Theme: Inspiration, What Is/Are Yours?

Ready? This month’s theme is… what inspires you? In any aspect of our lives, there are things all around us that inspire us to accomplish our goals and to keep moving forward with our dreams. What is/are yours?

Writing Inspiration

My Example: I have a few things that inspire me. My children ~ (when they are not being boogers- or even when they are) The creativity that comes from young minds is amazing! Nature ~ The new beginnings of spring, the changing colors of fall, the hot, humid days of summer and the cold, dead of winter bring ideas every day. Reading ~ There is nothing like finding inspiration in the words that came before. Now it’s your turn…

August’s Writing Theme: Interview One of Your Characters!

Give us your characters description. Their likes and dislikes. What do they do in their free time? What do their daily lives look like? Interview one of your characters and share it here for this month’s theme!

Writing an Interview of Your Character

My Example: I’m gonna do something a little different here. If you would like to view some of my character interviews, click HERE! Plus get the FREE download for my book Ray of Light (formally Raylynn) the first book in my Conquer the Darkness Series!