• Need a Break

    I’m Taking My Own Advice… I Need A Break

    There are times in your life when you need to take stock and realize you just can’t keep going as you are. You need a break. Yes, I know. I’m always telling you to forge on, to keep going, but there are times where that is just not possible. That time has come for me. I’ve been fighting to keep going as I am and I’m finding it difficult to continue. I love what I’m doing, but as some of you know, I’ve been having minor health problems. Those problems are causing a fog in my head that feels like it won’t go away. It’s been really hard to concentrate…

  • Advice
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    Alphabetical Advice

    In the spirit of the new school year, I thought I would do something a little different. Everyone, writers and authors alike, need a little encouragement from time to time and I thought I would provide you with it alphabetically!! so here goes… Advice Have you ever sat at a computer and researched a topic, written all the words; or tried to discover the perfect system for your situation until your eyeballs want to fall out of your head? I’m sure we all have, but you don’t want to bring others into your problems? Perhaps you’re like me and hate asking for help, or you feel you could do it…

  • Journal

    This Month’s Writing Theme: Advice

    There are times in your life when you feel you need to speak with someone, anyone on any particular topic. That you need information, materials, whatever the case may be. That’s where the advice of others can come in very handy, especially if that advice is coming from someone who’s been through the same obstacles, has had the same issues you’re having. What is one of the best pieces of advice you’ve gotten lately? Example: I have been writing for a few years now and trying to do EVERYTHING myself. I spoke with an author I felt was successful in the same genre and even though their advice was what…

  • Faith
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    Faith in others is easy to find and give, but having faith in yourself is a whole other story. We find it difficult to have the courage and faith to accomplish those things we are forever striving toward. We like to believe we have faith in ourselves, but when the time comes to do what needs to be done, we falter. Wavering in our indecision and doubt that this may not be the right time or the right place, or if we even have the ability to see it through. You are not alone. Wiki Dictionary.com confidence or trust in a person or thing belief that is not based on…

  • Routines
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    Daily/Weekly Routines

    There is always a time when things feel like they are getting out of hand. When things slip through our fingers and fall to the wayside because we’ve overbooked ourselves or we didn’t remember to put it in our schedule. You all know I have done that and my goal is to fix it. Let’s look at routines and how they can help you and your schedule. Daily Routines Photo by THE 5TH on Unsplash Your daily routine if designed to create good habits in order to increase productivity. Important tasks are scheduled in to create the perfect flow for your day. Those that are of no value or a…

  • Featured Knowledge
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    We all know about knowledge, hardly taking the time to think on the word itself as anything significant to our lives. Until you read that right? Well, let’s take a closer look and see what comes to light. Wiki The fact of knowing about something; general understanding or familiarity with a subject, place, situation etc Awareness of a particular fact or situation; a state of having been informed or made aware of something Intellectual understanding; the state of appreciating truth or information Familiarity or understanding of a particular skill, branch of learning etc Justified true belief The total of what is known; all information and products of learning Dictinary.com acquaintance…

  • Business & Home Balance

    Business/Home Balance

    With anything in life, there comes a time when you need to find balance, whether it’s business and home, home and hobbies, business and hobbies, whatever. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish by any means, but there are some things to make it more manageable. When you’re running your own business, it feels like you have all the time in the world, right? Especially when your business is being run from your home, but that’s where you would be wrong. If you don’t put things in place with a great system and processes, you’re gonna be more miserable than you were before you started this awesome thing. Let’s take…

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    August’s Writing Theme: Multi-tasking

    Everyone tries to multitask, but there are times when you should concentrate on one thing at a time. What types of things do you multitask? How many windows on your computer do you have open on average at one time? Are you really getting more done or should you be focusing on one thing than another? Example: I do try to multitask, but I find focusing on one thing at a time more productive. I always try to multitask anything I have going on my computer, posts, pattern, research, etc. I should plan things out as I have started doing, I get more done that way and I’ve been trying…

  • Creativity
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    Creativity stems from out of the box thinking. Its how inventions are made, journeys are accomplished and obstacles are overcome. There are no limits to ones creativity, but there are limits to you. What types of creativity are out there? What are the benefits and how can you discover your own creativity? Let’s take a look at what Creativity means… Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay WIKI Tending to create things, or having the ability to create; often, excellently, in a novel fashion, or any or all of these. (of a created thing) Original, expressive and imaginative (set theory) A type of set of natural numbers, related to mathematical logic Designed…

  • Characters as Heroes
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    Characters as Heroes

    When we think of heroes, we have two versions that come to mind… those created by amazingly creative people and those in real life that you may or may not see on TV, Facebook, etc. Where We Get Our Ideas Of Heroes Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay When we look back at our history, we see a lot of mythology, journals from explorers, and even written within the Bible pertaining to heroes and what they were like. Those stories paved the way for the hero to come to life in many ways. As the years have passed, heroes have evolved, grown and become more human, sharing their thoughts, pain and…