Blessing in Disguise

Blessing in Disguise

Will she allow a tormented past keep her from living the future?

A bookstore owner tries to live normally without succumbing to the war raging within. When events of the past rear their ugly head, she is forced to repeat her past to find out how to help herself in the present. 

A private investigator wants to help his newly found mate find peace. 

Her tormenter... destined to finish his master’s work, brings things to fruition and then disappears after finding his long lost brother.

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About the Book

A bookstore owner with social disabilities, Blessing Morgan desires a life of interaction, enjoying the company of others rather than her dismal life behind a computer she can hardly handle. As a man from her past re-enters her life, Blessing is forced to seek help from a disheveled, but handsome Inspector.

Knight Campton, a local inspector for a small town searches for any and every clue to the young brother who was kidnapped years ago. Determined and faithful that his brother still lives, he takes a case that will put him closer to finding his missing sibling than ever before.

As they work together to bring down the man responsible for creating havoc within Blessing’s small life; they realize that the man Blessing is trying to stop and the one Knight has spent his life trying to locate are one and the same. How will Blessing deal with the man who wants to repeat her past and the man she is falling for? How will Knight react to finding his long lost brother and his role in torturing the woman he’s come to love?

Format: Ebook, Paperback
Length: Complete Novel
List Price: 4.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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