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About Me~


Born and raised in Southern Wisconsin where the winters can be harsh, autumns flow with an array of colors as the leaves change, summers are cool and warm, and spring brings new life, new journeys and new adventures.


Wife to an amazing husband and I don’t say that just to say it. He really is amazing. Supportive, encouraging and knows how to make me laugh when I need it. (and visa versa 😉 ) He always puts me and our kids before himself and I couldn’t love him more. I’m a mother to two children are so different even from us, it’s crazy! Our daughter is outspoken, creative, and loves drama. If she has the choice between playing a game as a Familyfamily or acting out scenes from movies in her room… she would choose the scenes. Her dad and I (although I did take drama in school) are not the type to act for fun. I thought I might like it in school, but it wasn’t part of my journey. Our son loves all things robots and building, saving his money to purchase his own robots. They are on their own journeys and it’s going to be great!

Note: My husband took the picture so will have to update when I can get one of all of us.


Our home is littered with four legged black and white critters. Our kitties range from a 3 year old devil/angel (he is adorable but loves to attack you when you least expect it) to an 19 years old Duke who we’ve had since he was born. (We had his mother.) Then there is the middle aged 6 year old, who is so fluffy my husband has started referring to him as Mr. Fluffington. With three kitties, you would think that would be enough, but we took in another that needed a home. Welcome home Jack!

Reading & Writing~


I fell in love with romances at a somewhat younger age, but it wasn’t just the love story that caught my attention. It was the journey, the adventure, the determination of the characters to finish that journey together and the actively strong characters that would keep me reading. Then came fantasy, things the imagination brought to life through words on a page. The creation of lands, creatures, languages, species, realms, and so much more would keep me hooked forever. There really is no limit to the imagination and creation of the human mind when words of a good story begin to flow.


I don’t really have a favorite author, but more of favorite sub-genres:

Shifters – the powerful species where the animal inside sometimes fights to the surface to aid and sometimes get in trouble as the characters grow in their journey of sharing their body with that of the animal kingdom.

Pirates – The mysterious, rugged band of sea adventures that have their lives turned upside down by a strong headed heroine or unexpected turn of events.

Powers – Immortals, special powers and abilities. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a special power or unique ability.

I also read historical, westerns, dark(vampires), but I leave those to my twin who is known for having a darker nature. 😉

My Story~


After graduating high school, I became an average worker. I spent years in manufacturing as most I know do. But I realized I wanted something different, something more and went through many trials to find what that was. From starting a business that never seemed to get off the ground to working in real estate for two years. Then there was cleaning for a living and a paraprofessional for the local school where my children attended. The long days of showing house after house when they never intended to put in an offer was not how I wanted to spend my days and weekends or cleaning and managing buildings for a company that never appreciated extra effort. Who wants to clean up after others anyway? I couldn’t find what I wanted to do for the duration of my life that would give me the flexibility to be with my children and help provide for my family.

What I learned:

Now don’t get me wrong, those jobs were all great when they were needed and I learned a lot from those experiences. I am definitely more aware when going out of what cleaners would have to do when I enter or leave a building. Little hands are adorable, but not when trying to clean the prints off a glass door night after night and there is no way to succeed in real estate if you don’t have some sort of organizational process implemented to keep track of offers, contracts, client information, and steps in the process with each client.

Why did those not work for me? Well, I have two very active children at home I was missing out on. Their accomplishments, imaginations and activities was something I didn’t want to let pass me by. I needed to be with them, to encourage my daughter, Aryalanna to dance, sing and act,  and my son, Evan’s enthusiasm for all things machine and plant related. Not to mention encouraging and supporting my husband as well as feed my own imagination and creative talents.


With writing, I am able to allow my own imagination to take flight as well as be the mother I have always wanted to be to my children and the wife to my loving and supportive husband. We have since begun homeschooling our children. Supporting their interests through education while I work toward my dreams and goals of writing.

Interesting Tidbit~

I really am a twin:

Writing Twins

Did you believe I was using that as a metaphor before? Nope, I am an identical twin, but
we are complete opposites. The only similarity we have are most of our looks and a love of reading.

This was taken years ago, but we haven’t changed much. Can you guess which one is me?

Interesting Information:

When we were growing up, our friends would refer to her as the dark one and me the light one. She definitely scared people sometimes and had people who thought she was mean, but that’s just who she is. Me, on the other hand couldn’t even flip people off without seeming to appear nice about it. Even our reading choices match our personalities as she enjoys the darker stories and I enjoy the lighter ones. So, even though we look a lot alike we definitely have our differences.

Something for you~


There is nothing you can’t do, never limit your imagination! Strive for your dreams. Enjoy the journey and experience the adventure!!


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