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9 Ways to Say ‘Thank You’ for Free

I wanted to take a minute today to talk about how we can say ‘Thank you’ to our readers for free or for a minimal amount of money.

We as authors appreciate our readers. Let’s face it, if we didn’t have readers we would not be authors. So, here are some ways to say tell our readers that we appreciate them in our journey to become the best authors we can be.

Thank you

Acknowledgement Page:

To show your appreciation to your readers, add them to your acknowledgement page in your book. Either by name (if you have a few readers that have encouraged you or provided feedback recently) or as a whole.

Social Media Shout Out:

Give them a Shout out on your social media profiles with tags so they can see how much you appreciate them and wouldn’t be where you are without them.

Offer Special Deal:

What better way to say ‘Thank you’ than to give those readers a special deal on your books, product, or whatever! They will love it!!

Throw a Thank You Party:

Throw a ‘Thank You’ party and invite your readers to join for the festivities. Partner with vendors who will offer free samples/makeovers/or whatever to make the event even more special for them. You could also perform a book signing while at the party. Give out your ‘John Hancock’ as a special gift!

Present a Personal Note:

Want to create a more personal ‘Thank you’? Give them a personal note from you to them. Send it in the mail and imagine their surprise when receiving something special from you!

Digital Thank You Cards:

Looking for something a little easier, but still personal? Create and send a digital ‘Thank you’ where you can edit the recipient and hit send.

Create a Youtube Video:

Say thank you to your readers in person. Well, sort of. Create a ‘Thank you’ video to your readers and post it to Youtube, then link it to your social media for all your readers to view.

Teach Them Something New:

Go the extra mile and create content or product that will teach them something new about you, your niche, or industry. You may just encourage another author to take the next step in their career! What could be more rewarding?

Giveaways and Freebies:

Offer something for free to your readers that they will find useful, helpful, or just something fun!


Just tell them ‘Thank You’!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Have some other ways to tell your readers ‘Thank You’? Share them below! I would love to learn more ways to tell my readers ‘Thank You’.

My journey has led me to this moment, this time and this adventure. I forge forward to provide great stories and helpful information to those who were once in my position. Searching and yearning for something more. To those searching, keep to your journey. You’ll reach your destination. Enjoy the adventure, learn from the obsticles, and stive for your dreams.

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